Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween with Lauren Carr's Shadow of Murder

Geography was not Teddy’s forte. After Dusty had finished cleaning up the kitchen while Erica took the long hot bubble bath in his tub, he poured a bourbon and sat out on the back deck to take in the night’s solitude. Landing on the porch railing, Teddy serenaded their host with a rendition of “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver. 

“We are not in the Rocky Mountains,” Dusty told Teddy, who thought he had requested “one more time.” Through the windows, Erica saw Teddy perched on the porch rail. The bird chattered nonstop at Dusty, who gazed up at the moon and the stars high above them.

"Quiet, Teddy,” Erica said when she joined them. She giggled in response to seeing his surprise at her wearing his red plaid flannel robe. “Britney’s idea of a bathrobe is quite—what’s the word? Skimpy. It’s more suitable for a honeymoon than stargazing.” She took a seat on the lounging chaise next to his. 

“You look better in that robe than I do.” He shot a smile in her direction. 

“You seem more relaxed.” “I am. You were right. A long soak in a hot bath and I feel human again. Thank you.” 

“Hey, you cooked a delicious dinner. I can’t remember the last time our family had a real Sunday pot roast.” “You cleaned up. I think I dirtied every pot and pan you have in that kitchen.” “I guess we helped each other,” Dusty said. Silence dropped over the deck. They stared up at the sky and listened to the sounds of nature around them. He glanced over at her. 

“Have you stayed away from Deep Creek Lake because of what had happened to your parents?” “Combination I guess. My responsibilities in northern Virginia with my son and husband gave me an excuse to escape what had happened in that house. My blog keeps me very busy. But I still have close friends who live here who keep me in the loop with what’s happening.” 

“Your crew,” he said with a chuckle. “The last time I talked to David O’Callaghan was in October. The crew told me about a John Doe found in a car. David absolutely refused to comment on it.” She cast a sideways glance at him out of the corner of her eye. “Some kids flying a drone over the lake recorded the vehicle at the bottom. The police sent a diver to look. Sure enough, there was a car with a body inside. They brought it up. A source told Jayne that it had Florida license tags and that it had been in the water for several years. No name has ever been released. If he’s a missing person, his family has a right to know.” 

“Which is where the Cold Case Diva comes in,” Dusty said with a nod of his head. “I am familiar with the case.” “But when I called David to ask if they’d identified the body and contacted the family, he shut me down.” “That’s because the feds took the lead. David and our police department don’t have any jurisdiction in that case.” “The feds?” She cocked her head and squinted at him out of the corner of her eyes. “Why? Did the body belong to a federal agent?”


When Carr shares her latest Whodunit, she just doesn't know when to quit... First, she introduces a Blog Diva as a main character, along with her crew, and then adds, a handsome Dude to save her right from the beginning... Then she adds Teddy a talking Cockatou that has memorized so many phrases, that readers will begin to think that he is actually talking to those around him... on and on and on, we get to know and love the latest characters in her most famous, and first, mystery series...

But when you mix murder, religion, demons and those who practice wicca, you've got a whodunit that just won't quit! Whodunit when a body turns up on the grounds of a home that has just been purchased by Tristan, Mac Faraday's son... And, when an accountant turns up poisoned, we all wonder whodunit... Only to then, in the investigation, learn that Erica Hart, the death of the Diva's parents may have been something totally different than was reported... Whoa... Let's backtrack a little, OK?

Erica Hart is coming back to her home town, when, as she gets closer and closer, is startled by something dark coming out in front of her car, causing her to swerve and ultimately land into Deep Creek Lake!

And Teddy Saves Her! 

Well, kinda, Teddy left at Erica's urging to go find help and when he was seen by the local police, he starts talking!

Nope! Can't get that far in...because in the Prologue! The Prologue! She presents a mass murder to scare us into shock... So I, at least, am spending most of my time reading and wondering...when is it going to happen? Seven Killed!

OMG, Lauren, You more than grabbed my attention! You shook my beating heart into, for the first time ever, wanting to go to the end of the book to find out how it ends! Evil is indeed alive and well... but... Can good really win over such evil?!

So...since I'm all upset and planning on reading until I finish the all are just going to have to wait too!

Later... Be careful of spooky things that cast shadows...



Well, let's just say that Carr will really have to work HARD to surpass this outstanding novel!

The complexity and interconnections between all that is happening is impossible to discuss without giving away too much. I consider this a must-read for mystery/suspense lovers!

You know, folks, the climax for this book was not near the end. I think that was done purposely... Because, with all of the violence that is happening daily in America, through those who lie to gain power, it behooves each of us to look around us and see exactly what is happening. When we see attempted murder of an older man, wanting to kill his wife...we know it is evil. We must point it out as wrong... Because when you decide to mess around with drugs and people who openly hate, harm or incite others to do something wrong, we cannot afford to NOT speak Truth!


Saith The Lord! 

And I believe God's Watching America Right Now!

And Don't You Think He's Very Sad, 

Especially When People Claim to Follow Him

While lying, inciting violence... 

And doing things to make people afraid to even vote!!!

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