Monday, January 21, 2019

Beautiful Children's Book Helps Talk About Nutritional Foods

I love children's books that effectively use illustrations that are beautiful, attractive and eye-catching for both children and adults...while also using them to provide a simple teaching moment... Let's face it, many children in these days of fast food and junk food are tempted more than ever before... I should know, I was one of those kids... Coming from a home with one parent, four kids and little income, we grew up on easy but filling noodles and other pasta. Vegetables were more expensive...and still are...

Yet, children can be shown the right way, just by presenting them with, Mia, a little friend, in a wonderful book. I wish I could share more of the interior check out a sample to see what I mean! 

A delightful little unicorn, beginning to think and wonder about this new world, has started asking questions... lots of questions. So that when she asked her mother one day, "What do unicorns eat?" her mother responded "Lots of Things." Well, Mia then asked, "What are Lots of Things..." You get the idea... It was a time when mother just couldn't get into a long discussion, so she referred Mia to her father. He was resting, so Mia decided to go out and ask others what they ate and whether they thought it would be good for unicorns... One of those animals was a beautiful parrot eating berries. So Mia asked about eating berries...

Not the parrot or picture from book...

Mia sat under a tree on the beach
It was a berry tree.
Mia heard a loud screech.
She looked up to see a parrot eating berries.
"Hello," said Mia. "What are you eating?"
"Berries, they make me bright and colorful,"
said parrot
"Do unicorns eat berries?" asked Mia
"Yesssss!" screeched parrot.

Mia asked eight different animals about what they ate and from that she was able to learn quite a lot of what foods would be good for her... But, when she came to a group of children, who were having a birthday party, and was given the food they were eating... Mia learned what she most liked that day! What do you think she ate?

I was delighted with the entire experience with Mia and her quest for information on foods to eat! It certainly can be used as a teaching tool, as mothers or others read the book to a questioning child and is given the types of food that are good for Mia, as well as those which taste great on special occasions!

And, there was a tiny addition to the story that is challenged as you begin the book...👀! On each page, there is a tiny set of eyes watching from various places... I had to work hard to find a couple of them, but it was fun to find them in so many unlikely parts of the woods. Kudos to the illustrator...for this and the entire beautiful complementary painting-like pages!

The book is 25 pages, but doesn't list a proposed age range... This reader suggests pre-school to the 2nd or 3rd grade... And is highly recommended.


Michael Bo specializes in communicating with children, and he has a gift for explaining complex topics in a way that is clear, simple, straightforward, and light. 

A part-time teacher, Michael Bo has also worked as a private children's tutor, racking up thousands of hours of classroom time. Throughout his teaching career, he has come back to one notion again and again, that it is possible to distill lessons into stories that children want to hear. He has now applied that notion in his writing, and he has applied it to great effect, drawing in young readers and holding onto their attention while he passes along information conducive to living a better life.

When Michael is not in the classroom or busy at his writing desk, he enjoys hiking and traveling. He has visited countries on six of the seven continents, and his favorite destinations are Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Kyiv, Los Angeles, and Sydney.

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