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Paul Kyriazi - Two books Today! Forbidden Power and Rock Star Rising!

In September, 2010, I spotlighted Paul Kyriazi, talking about the James Bond Life, as well as one of his earlier books...and more... Here's the link to the first article and further articles that entire week...

While Paul has much experience and expertise in media and audible books...using recognized actors in his books, I chose to select ebooks for the two I've just read simply because that makes it easier for me to review. But I would recommend you check out the audible books...I loved hearing Eddie Byrnes, instantly recognizing his voice in one book...and check out the book trailers! Love them!
“She was as smart as they come. There’s nothing she didn’t know. I overheard her talking a couple of times. Very spooky,” the geezer barfly says to me while looking closely at the picture I’m holding. 
You’ve seen that picture on a postcard, dear reader, if you’ve ever traveled
through Arizona or New Mexico; the postcard of the tall, beautiful Indian maiden, clothed in tight buckskin, standing in the snow next to two white wolves. I had printed it out from the internet because it looked like the woman I was searching for. “Mind you,” I tell the geezer, “this isn’t the actual woman. It just looks like her.” 
“I’m telling you, mister,” he says pointing to it. “That’s her. She caught me staring at her once. Looked at me like she could kill me just by pointing her finger. Stayed away from her after that whenever she came to town.” 
“You said the last time you saw her, she was twelve or thirteen?” 
“Yeah, but if she grew up, that would be her.”

Archimedes Enterprises – Veronica Hawthorne - The Future is Here.

He'd met her at a computer conference--he was one of the exhibitors, but was not doing well since the other guy working quickly moved in on any real potential clients... But he had seen her coming and couldn't take his eyes off of her. Then she came to him and started asking questions..His co-worker quickly took one look at her and tried to take over... He was thrilled when she said she was already being helped, merely continuing their conversation.

When she handed him her card, Veronica Hawthorne, with her personal number, he was stunned...Would he call her?

After opening the book with how they met, the author then takes readers into the future, where we find George Barrett now trying to find the mysterious woman, with whom he had spent one night, who had then disappeared... Barrett however had been changed that night--he now had the power to succeed. But at what cost? Perhaps afraid that the power could be taken away, he sets out to find her, carrying a picture that was remarkably similar to his memory of her, although a postcard... He winds up in Arizona where he begins to find a past history of a young girl who was called Chumana... only to have somebody try to kill him!

With his powers Barrett overpowers the man who begged not to be hurt, that he was only following the orders of Chumana who had told him to kill anybody who ever came to try to find her... He had received that order about 10 years ago, but was still willing to follow her command... Barrett decided he had discovered everything he could there...

But provides readers more of the story by agreeing to keep an elderly man company as they travel...

And he shared that Veronica left a lipsticked message on the bathroom mirror: 
Short Red Train

Got it? Well neither Barrett nor I did either...but that leads us on into the story, don't you think? And if you are as curious as I, you'll just have to keep reading! Because Barrett remember an important clue that Veronica had given her which he had not understood before... as his powers were continuing to increase... He headed for Winslow, Arizona...

And the hunt begins!

What fun! Where will Barrett go next and will he find his answers? What a fantasy and I loved the ending... What about you, would you be tempted and succumb to Forbidden Power?  By the way, if you've learned of Kyriazi "Bond...James Bond" activities, you can probably guess that this story tends to be male-oriented, even if the power comes from a woman... at least in my opinion... Enjoy!


One of the main characters in Rock Star Rising is Medusa. There won't be many who don't recognize the name, and perhaps envision her face...but I thought it might be fun to hear the back story of the myth... Read on below if you have no interest...

A cold, ground-clinging fog rolled through the dark cemetery, licking the forgotten names carved in marble. It seemed to slow and linger on the tombstone that bore a single name; a name not forgotten at all. The fog seemed to conjure up five bony fingers that caressed the five letters carved large and deep. All who watched the scene knew that the man who slumbered beneath that five letter name was not in heaven. No, for sure he was in Hell. That is, if he slumbered at all. Many of the hundreds of onlookers this Halloween night thought he was still alive, with only an empty coffin buried below that cold marker. But they came anyway. Many in the crowd thought him dead for sure. But they came anyway. Most thought the promised resurrection at midnight was just a bunch of B.S. publicity. But they came. 
“I see it,” a sixteen year old girl yelled excitedly to her boyfriend as she pointed up the hill. 
“Let me see,” he said. “Give me the binoculars.” He, put them to his eyes and searched up the hill with them.
“Yeah, that's it,” he said. “I'll be damned. That's Shane's grave.” He gave out a comic yell, “Come on Shane, you son of a bitch. It's almost midnight. Get the hell up.”
The youngsters around him gave out a laugh. Just to the right of the group a tall, good-looking man with a hand mike looked into a TV camera and said; “This is Steve Landers, here at the Memory Gardens cemetery in Carson, just south of Los Angeles. MTV is here on this Halloween night of 1991 because of rumors spreading amongst die-hard Shane fan clubs, that tonight, on the twenty-first anniversary of his death, Shane will rise from his grave at midnight. To do what? I don't know. But whatever he does in front of these hundreds of fans, MTV is here to cover it for you. This portion of the cemetery, where his grave is located directly behind me, just up the hill, has been roped off by security. But who knows what this crazy crowd will do, as we’re just ten minutes away from midnight. As you know, since Shane's mysterious death, rumors have been flying around that the rock star is still alive. However, all the people that were associated with Shane say that he's dead and gone.” 
About fifty yards away from the MTV announcer stood a heavyset, white-haired man in his fifties, dressed in a three-piece brown suit. He was standing next to the security rope with his eyes glued on Shane's headstone up the hill. Looking around at the crowd with a half-smile, he checked his Rolex. It was four minutes till midnight. 
From out of the crowd, a tall young woman with long brown hair held in a ponytail, approached him. “Hi, I'm Nancy Carter from Music Scene magazine,” she said. “You're Carl Jessup, Shane's agent, right?” 
“Hmm. I was,” Jessup said. “Well look, sure, I know Shane's dead, but you still handle his merchandising, don't you?” 
“Yes, I do, my dear.” 
“Well then, what do you have planned for us tonight?” 
“I don't have anything planned.” 
“Nothing planned?” 
“That's right.” 
“Oh, come on,” she pushed. “You can level with me. Look, there are loud speakers set up in the trees, and there are a couple of guys up there that are doing a great job with the fog machines, but are terrible about staying hidden.” 
Jessup stood silent, looking up the hill with a half-smile. 
“Look,” Nancy said, “everyone knows that this thing has been planned out, just like the rumors that the radio stations have been spreading, all planned out it seems. So why don't you just come clean? I know you're doing this to keep Shane's old records selling and my article will do that for you.” 
Bishop finally turned to look at her. “Look...ah....What was your name again?” 
“Nancy Carter, Music Scene magazine.” 
“Look Nancy, I don't know where or who started these rumors. I heard 'em this month, just like you. And when I heard there was a crowd gathering as early at eight o'clock, I decided to drive down here and check it out. That's all.” 
“And what about the speakers and the fog machines?” 
“Ah….How should I know? There's a lot of media and fans here. Look, are you going to hold me responsible for every Halloween prank that happens in the city tonight?”
“What about all this security, huh? Who arranged that? 
“I don't know. Ask them.” 
She stuffed her pad and pencil into the bag she was carrying. 
“Okay, then just answer the big question.” 
“If I can,” Bishop smiled. “Is Shane alive?”

Just like the millions of Elvis fans who tried to hold on to him after his death, Shane was still beloved and his fans held on to every hope that came along that he might be still alive...

A special event had even been "rumored" for Halloween Night, 1991, at his grave-site...Shane was to leave his grave! 

And when the adoring fans saw movement on top of the dirt, they started running up the hill to his grave, regardless of any guards... But once Shane was out of the grave, he saw the crowd screaming and running toward him...and just turned and ran into the woods!
When the dark, undead figure of Shane saw the mass of wild humanity approaching, it turned and ran, heading for the woods behind the cemetery. The crowd gave hot pursuit, but the figure, with the devil's own speed, out-distanced itself from its pursuers and soon was lost in the trees, and the darkness.
Alan Bartlett had been gambling at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel. He was flying high and wild, thinking about the lover he had just left upstairs and realizing that the seminar he had attended had given him a new life (a James Bond seminar??? LOL) When a woman sat down beside him, he knew she had checked him out closely... Medusa was on the prowl... Alan had not seen the posters all over the place announcing her show--it wouldn't have mattered since Alan knew little about music...

Interested that this younger man hadn't recognized her, but still had been polite and pleasant, she went on to share that, if he had heard of Shane, she had been one of his backup singers. Alan recognized the name because of the Halloween wild graveside events... Medusa quickly denied any truth behind what had happened...

Let's just say that, later, Medusa did not turn Alan into stone...

Alan felt both excitement and apprehension as he entered Medusa's suite. She immediately went over to the CD player and put on some opera music, as Alan opened the sliding glass door that lead to the balcony. “Hey, this is cool,” he said. “What?” Medusa said, as she walked over to him. “Oh…You've got a view of the artificial beach, you know, just like me.”
“Oh, screw the beach,” she said, as she put her arms around Alan’s neck. “Yeah, yeah, screw the beach,” he echoed. Medusa gave him a short kiss. You know,” Alan said, as she moved to his ear. “You being a rock singer, I'm surprised you like opera.” “I don't,” she whispered. “But with the balcony door open, we need the opera singing to cover up my singing.“Ah….gotcha.” “Not yet you don't.” In Alan’s room, his girlfriend Connie was awakened by the sound of a woman's operatic voice. And just beneath that, another woman's operatic screams. She sleepily got up, walked to her balcony door, closed it, and went back to bed.

Alan left Hard Rock with Connie, but he realized that he couldn't forget Medusa, even while he was with Connie... When he followed and met her again, she didn't remember him...He didn't care about the embarrassment; he reminded her that they been very good together. Medusa wanted proof...

The book contains some sexy scenes...but what had that to do with Shane? Well Alan was interested in writing...and Medusa wanted to write about her time with Shane...  She pointed out that there were no books yet written that told the inside story of working and living with Shane...

After hearing stories on being on the road with this rock and roller, Alan was hooked. He wanted to write that book--and of course readers will be reading what that book turned out to be!

The Life in the business may be exciting, but also dangerous... The twist of the story is fantastic! Totally unexpected, and moves the story into a page-turner as the content of the story is shared! Loved it! Highly recommended...


Life Behind the Camera

At age 8, I see The Making of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on Disneyland TV and decided to become a movie director. Age 16, I start filming 20 minute action stories using my father's 8mm camera. Age 18, my father bought me a used Bolex camera.

I film a 30 min color action movie titled Trapped and it wins the Berkeley Film Festival. I start taking karate to be like James Bond. My Sensei introduces me to samurai movies.

Seeing that action with great film techniques of the Japanese directors, moves me into martial arts movies, even before the TV show Kung Fu. I transferred to San Francisco State University making more 20 minute karate stories and placing 3rd in the next Berkeley Film Festival. I graduate with a BA in film.

I join the Air Force movie department and film space launches for NASA. I take leave to film my first feature Drawn Swords in 35mm black & white Techniscope. It's about 3 samurai going to England to enter a fencing tournament. I use all my cash and credit cards, loans, and refinancing my car.

I get out of the Air Force and return to San Francisco unable to sell my movie. I promise myself if I get another break I will make a color movie that is so commercial the distributors will have to buy it.

I meet karate tournament fighter Ron Marchini who has me re-edit and sell his Philippine produced movie Murder in the Orient.

Ron then hired me to write and direct Death Machines. To be commercial, we come up with a story of 3 karate killers (white, black, Asian) to cover all markets. Then we add a cop/gangster plot, big fight scenes in a karate dojo, bar, and police station, and we actually blew up a piper cub airplane.

The completed movie is immediately picked up by Crown International Pictures with big advertising. It opened in 50 theaters in LA making it a #14 top grosser. However, I still can't raise the money to produce my own movie, so I direct a sequence for Sesame Street.

I pick up a copy of The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind by Anthony Norvel. I take his classes for three months in LA, then return to the San Francisco. In 10 days I raise the money to produce and direct Weapons of Death.

The panavision film plays all over the USA breaking a house record in a New York theater. I next produce and direct Ninja Busters. This was followed by the cops and gangsters story One Way Out.

Next came writing and directing Omega Cop starring: Adam 'Batman' West, Troy Donahue, and Stuart Whitman. An actress from Weapons of Death hires me to produce a travelogue in Phuket, Thailand, Thailand Adventure proving you never know what contact will end up getting you movie work.

I write two novels in hopes of getting them produced as movies. When many people ask me "How do you survive as a freelance?" I write How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle.

In 2003, I produce In the West - a 90 minute travel production for Japan. Appearance by Pat Morita.

In 2005, I produce my novel Rock Star Rising as an audio-book narrated by Rod Taylor, performed by Russ Tamblyn, George Chakiris, Robert Culp, James Darren, and Kevin McCarthy. It has full effects and music, making it an "audio movie" of sorts.

In 2006, I direct the largest production in audio-book history, McKnight's Memory. Narrated by Frank Sinatra Jr, it stars Robert Culp, Nancy Kwan, Don Stroud, Henry Silva, Alan Young, David Hedison, and Edd Kookie Byrnes.

In 2007, I Direct Edd Byrnes' My Casino Caper audio-book. It's Edd's memoir of being stalked for his 3 million dollar Las Vegas win. With Alan Young, Henry Silva, and David Hedison playing themselves, recreating the incident that happened in 1977. Michael Callen plays the part of criminal that stalked Edd.

In 2008, I direct Barbara Leigh's The King, McQueen, and the Love Machine audio-book. Her memoir of being a top model involved with Elvis, Steve McQueen and MGM president Jim Aubrey. Joe Esposito introduces it and plays himself in the dramatizations.

In 2012, I update & expand the James Bond Lifestyle on Kindle, Nook, iTunes & Kobo.

In 2013, I write & produce - 3 Wild Thrillers - Three fiction stories on Kindle that includes the audio-book.

In 2014, I produce The Mexican Swimmer, a 3 hour audio-book performed by Julian Scott Urena. I also write Wicked Players, a story of gambling and survival in wild Las Vegas.

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