Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Guest Blogger Lin Wilder spotlights Importance of Book Covers

The Cover: 
   Why it matters.

Hi Everybody... It's great to be back at Book Readers Heaven--this time to share a little about my new book! I, Claudia!

I’ve been waiting for the new cover of I, Claudia eagerly. Even breathlessly. That’s always the case for me as I begin writing anew story. After writing the first few chapters, 3500 words or so, I need to see the characters- the entire story.  

And Nancy Cleary never disappoints. In fact, she--or maybe we--keep getting better!

Before I move into why I’m calling this post, “The Cover: Why It Matters,” a little background.

Our partnership began five books ago-just four years ago through a chance email conversation with a friend of a friend. Odd how those ‘accidents’ can change everything, right?

Nancy listened patiently while I described an altogether horrid experience with the publisher of the first book in the Lindsey McCall medical mystery series. And brushed aside all the ‘I should have known's’, kindly but firmly. I wanted to do a second edition but had signed a contract with this company-- my list of ‘what if’s’ was endless. 

Nancy’s advice was direct and practical. I had no doubt that I was working with someone who ‘got’ this chaotic, confusing business of 21st century publishing.

In reflecting about the colossal amount of learning I’ve done in this new career, it seems unimaginable that it’s been only four years. To my surprise, I realize I’ve no regrets. Even about that first decision to go with Tate. It’s true, that adage of GK Chesterton:

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly for the first time.

Four years ago, the vastness of the errors in the first edition overwhelmed me. As did my naivete about the ease of moving from the universe of writing and publishing non-fiction to that of fiction. And about the depth of the black hole of marketing.
Wow. Worth a few repeats when I ponder how differently the writing of this 6th book feels from the first one. Wowza!
Okay, now to my main point. Or more precisely, The Cover: Why It Matters. There are three quite simple reasons why.
  • The adage, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover is mostly wrong.’
  • Covers are hugely persuasive in the decision to buy a book-- for me and I’d wager--for you. They attract or repel, evoke interest or not, almost subliminally.
  • Nancy’s mock-up cover for I, Claudia provides just the right combination of intrigue, timelessness and mystery needed for this story.
For a couple of months, I’ve been immersed in a number of books about this infamous couple, Pontius Pilate and his wife, Claudia. The research needed for this book has of course, been extensive. But then that’s the case for everything I’ve done. And is the case for all writers, if we want to create something excellent.

The woman in the red is precisely how I see this woman. Alone, overpowered by the weight of a wisdom for which there are no words, and yet erect, undaunted, this is Claudia Procula. The confluence of ancient Greece, Rome and Israel in the background with a reddish hue of portent. Yes! Perfect, Nancy, another consummate cover!

As always, thank you for reading.

Lin, Talk about Wow! BRH readers Alert! This article is far more than one page...Check out each spotlighted link and you will find article after article! What a wonderful way to keep your important knowledge gained through experience and provided to readers who may have missed it in other locations. I certainly enjoyed sharing this "total package" with even a recommendation for an independent publisher provided! By the way, this was important to me because I had known about the bad reviews for Tate Publishing well over 10 years! It just shows that it is hard to find out good advice in this still-emerging, expanded publishing world!

Lin, like me, I am sure many of us never have even thought of Claudia, even though well we remember Pontius Pilate...

Seeing your beautiful cover, it entices us to learn of the story from Claudia's perspective... I admit I am quite curious!

Thanks so much for visiting!

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