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Freedom's Light by Robert Saniscalchi - May We Remember

Our Prayers...

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Stretching all the way back through the seemingly endless millenniums of time, there has been one constant, as sure as the sun rises every day. That constant as the relentless struggle of good against evil, and it's as relevant today as it was so very long ago.
On one side, we have the free, peaceful, hardworking, loving people who stand in the light of the Earth. On the other side lurk the dark, evil ones, hiding in the shadows, waiting to kill anyone unlike them.
The evil ones can't begin to comprehend what it is to be peacefulo, to be free. They are always waiting and watching, making plans to down the innocent, to terrorize and plunder until their appetite for blood is sated. Not until the year 2001 and the shocking relity that no one is truly safe from the darkness of this evil did America and the world begin to wake up.
The stark reality of the brutal kill-or-be-killed mentality struck home and finally, the righteous of the world began to fight back. From the ashes they gleaned a good lesson. They learned to seek out the evil ones and destroy them. They learned that even in the midst of a simmering sinister doom, there is always, always hope.
The sooner all of society realized that we must stand together, the better. There is hope! In our combined strength we will fight terror with deadly determination and at last put an end to this evil threat... and when we do the world will be a much better place for it.

Freedom's Light:
A Rob and Tex Adventure

By Robert Saniscalchi

"You know what really gets to me the most?" Rob asked, shaking his head. "That flight, the one heading toward DC. Those guys rushed the cockpit and crashed the plane before it hit its intended target. Can you imagine the balls that took, standing to fight even though they knew they were gonna die anyway? That was bravery at its purest form, giving their lives so others could live. I pray for them and for the chance to avenge all the victims of well as its heroes."

While certainly a military thriller, it is, perhaps, even more so, a family drama of those in the story who prayed, and were prayed for throughout the times of being "away and in action..."

For Rob, one of the main characters, this time, being away from Ashley, became an important component in his daily memories.  More than ever, he wanted to be back home with her and his family.

September 11 had touched the lives of all Americans and many responded in one way or another...Rob saw a man standing next to an exit ramp holding a flag. "Rob felt the slow, encouraging
beat of those drums as he drove on. He didn't realize it yet, but he was not alone, those same drums of war were slowly beginning to rise among the people...

Those who were gathered there were first shown a video of terrorists somewhere in the Middle East, celebrating, firing their weapons, for the American tragedy. The leaders were all of one accord, to send their Delta forces out...Light Force, codename for their most effective group was led by Lt. Rob Marrino.

There were six members of Light Force, with each having a specific set of skills, but who were also trained to fill in other positions, if needed. This is the story of their  special mission where something had been spotted. Details of what was going on was needed...

Intel was all that was needed... But the mission went well beyond that in the end...Was the Light Force prepared to deal with combat?!?

And America which was in the final stages?!?

The pace of Saniscalchi's "thrillers" are not like many... Instead, his books hone in on the values instilled in the soldiers, the values of a Christian nation, whose foundation when created at the very beginning, was on God's guidance and a desire to love good and fight against evil...Praying all the way through what they were called upon to handle...

Memorial day seemed a good time to share about this book, for surely Light Force's unit did not make it back whole and the bond of each of these brothers affected how they dealt with both the mission...and the losses that came with it... Freedom's Light is an American tale of praying heroes that depend upon God's help against evil. At this time in the world, I found it a welcome true-life story of our American soldiers and their families... Highly recommended...


Robert J Saniscalchi is the Author of Bullets and Bandages, now in 2nd Edition from Amazon/Kindle/Create-Space. His first book has received endorsements from the Vietnam Veterans of America and The Military Writer's Society of America. Robert also is the Author of the 2nd Edition of- My Life For Her, also from Amazon/Kindle Create-Space. Full reviews on his work can be found on Robert’s third work, his new story -Freedom's Light- is complete, and with a 5 star review on Amazon Kindle. Robert is a member of various writing and reading communities. Robert is a retired Electrician, Author/ Writer and reader of the known/unknown. Robert became interested in writing after he attended English and writing classes at college. He is married and he has a home in Berks County Pa and Winter Springs Fl. Robert loves the great outdoors, reading, writing and working on his cars.

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