Friday, November 17, 2017

Poet Doug Anderson Presents - Come Spend the Winter With me!


Help me break the ice
on the watering trough,
spill the feed
into the horse’s buckets.
sing to the dogs.
At night I’ll read poems
to you, 
my own and others.

It’s not good
to spend February alone,
the ice crystals on the window
are too beautiful
in the morning sun,
you need to have someone
wake you with a kiss,
and say,
Look! It’s not good for you
to be alone
in a time of razoring winds.
Come to me.
There is nothing quite like
hot skin on skin
to shut out the cold,
in the dream chamber
under the blankets.
It’s not good for me either,
to be alone.
Weren’t meant to be.
Don’t worry,
I won’t quote Augustine.
But come to me.

I have Italian coffee.
I have flat bread and honey.
I have roast lamb.
Look up the hill
and see my light.
Come to me.
I have more poetry
than you can imagine.
And in the spring
I’ll watch you
uncover your beautiful arms...

--Henri Martin

Doug Anderson has written two books of poems of which The Moon Reflected Fire won the Kate Tufts Discovery Award and Blues for Unemployed Secret Police a grant from the Eric Matthieu King Fund of the Academy of American Poets. His play, Short Timers, was produced at New York's The Theater for The New City in 1981. He has written film scripts, fiction and criticism and is at present at work on a novel about human trafficking. He earned a Phd from the University of Connecticut and teaches at the Hartford campus. His awards include fellowships from the NEA, the Virginia Quarterly Review, Poets & Writers, Inc., The Massachusetts Artists Foundations, The MacDowell Colony and other funding organizations. His work has appeared in Poetry, The Massachusetts Review, The Connecticut Review, The Southern Review, Ploughshares and many other literary magazines.

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