Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Continued Success by Author Warren Adler Prompts Reading of The War of the Roses

Warren Adler
'The War of the Roses' Continues Its Successful International Tour as Both
a Stage Play and Musical
Following its Flemish tour as a hit musical, the Italian rendition of 'The War of the Roses' as a stage play has opened to rave reviews in Milan's Teatro Manzoni...
I'm happy to announce that 'The War of the Roses' stage play is thriving internationally - a deal to roll out the musical in 17 foreign language territories in Europe, Asia and South America was recently signed and while 'The War of the Roses' Italian stage play is currently running in Milan, it will also premiere in Rome.

Here's what the Italian critics are saying so far...
*translated from Italian
Manzoni Theater, 'Roses War' with Ambra Angiolini and Matteo Cremon
The Warren Adler novel of 1981, which became eight years later also a huge movie success, is also a starred comedy
" extraordinary, refined and chaotic comedy at the same time,
comical and cruel, ridiculous and crazy..."
"Adler faces one of the most powerful and extraordinary human
deflagrations: the separation of a man and a woman who shared a great love."
"The real war, perhaps far more bloody, will take place within
us, in perceiving victims and executioners within our unresolved half,
brooding in the bowels of our consciences."

"Adler helps us, with a smile, to face this war with courage and lightness."

On the stage of the Manzoni Theater is the famous Warren Adler comedy, which was a cinematic success of the late 80s. Protagonists of the show Ambra Angiolini and Matteo Cremon
"From there is a crescendo of wickedness, anger, and mutual
 frustration that lead to a self-destructive ending."
"An apparent, idyllic calm that is uncommonly transformed, almost
without any realization, into a storm. From paradise to hell."
The Roses War. Manzoni Theater, November 9, 2017
"...Warren Adler naturally keeps the storyline and characters of the
novel unaltered and creates, almost without wanting, a work
perhaps more suited to a theatrical drama than a film, where drama and
comedyare permeable at any time more than can be done in a remarkable film."
"Lots of applause even on open stage, with numerous calls at the end,
from a crowd enthusiastic in a theater out of stock in every rank of seats."
"...the great chandelier, an important object of the whole affair,
is rich and brilliant in showing a life that is only apparently apparent
but also capable of causing death."
The Manzoni Theater in Milan bursts The Roses War: the comedy that creates a great love
"In this comedy we are confronted with pure emotions, human nature in
all its cruelty, without veils and in the moment of greater weakness:
the separation of a man and a woman who shared a great love."
"The Roses War, the comedy written by Adler, manages to give us
new readings of ourselves, perhaps with lightness and a slight smile
on the lips, giving us the opportunity to bend to the other, to open ourselves
to the next and to the outside world, where women and men will
understand their limits, embrace them and choose to improve
each day, for themselves and for each other."
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Do you read book descriptions? After I had read a number of books by author, Warren Adler, and now on his newsletter list, I again learned about his popular book, which later became a movie, The War of the Roses. Not having ever been married, I had no real inclination to read about the divorce of a couple... I should have gone with my gut...

As I consider celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, after finishing the book this morning, I find I do have something to be very thankful for--not ever having been married!

When Adler's creative mind moves into "drive," he puts his all into the book he is writing. In this one, apparently, dark comedy. I have once again confirmed to myself that I have a warped sense of humor, also apparently, because I saw nothing funny about the story even while many others have praised it... Now here's the key, since I wasn't sure of the genre as I started to read it, I thought it was family drama and soon considered it horror.

Readers, I did not like this book. As you consider whether to read it, realize that I am aware of my own prejudices and willingly share them when I come up with a book that I cannot personally recommend. For me, dark comedy is just making light of the real issues that affects some marriages and obviously lead to either enjoying the satire...or your own divorce... 

Still, Adler's story is provocative, compelling, tense and intriguing... How far will this all go? You keep on reading thinking, wanting to intrude into the lives of the characters and...well, start slapping their faces, or heads, likes Gibbs does! I found I would be Ann, who seems to be the only sane one, and even she was obsessively interested in the husband... In fact, when trouble began between the spouses, she was quite willing to seduce and allow her dreams to expand into reality...

But once she realizes what is really happening, she wants out... and tries to deal with it, given the position of governess she had held in the house...

Adler presents a brilliant assessment of today's materialism, power, and position becoming more important, and/or corrupting what may occur in today's marital life. When possessions become more important than another individual's love and relationship, then, yes, a war may begin... I wonder, though, did Adler write it as a warning, even though the movie caricature apparently became more enjoyed than the book itself... Do check out other reviews...this may be just the book you'd like to read...


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