Saturday, September 9, 2017

Doug Anderson Shares Cool Poem - Now With Music...

Doug Anderson

Thanks so much to a Facebook friend and freelance writer for giving permission to share this fascinating poem...


I'm one of maybe
the final generation
of them.
I see this woman
sitting outside
that cafe
with the
New York Times
and, well,
something as simple
as the curve
of her neck
sets me off.
By the time
I've walked
a block
I've already
made love to her
in my head,
by the end
of the next block
I've married her.
Don't know
a thing about her.
Who knows,
she could be
her husband
with anti-freeze,
Nazi armbands.
But I've got this
little piece of radium
or something
down near
my amygdala
that flares up
in the slightest
I'm being
selected out
of our
not too successful
I mean,
still thinking
about her
I could step off
the curb
in front of that truck
now gearing up
to get out of town.

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