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Latest Peace Morrow Novel - An Uncertain Path by Sandra Carey Cody

Around her, the voices gradually softened to quiet murmurs and, finally, stilled altogether, letting the soaring tones of the organ fill the space. Familiar melodies that had become trite from repetition in shopping malls became beautiful again, proclaiming a message common to the religious traditions of both families. Peace on Earth.

Wow! What an extraordinary family drama!

In the last book, and without going into detail for those who haven't read it yet, Peace Morrow, our main character, met a family she had never previously known. Peace who had been abandoned at birth and adopted by Caroline Morrow. had discovered her real parents. Now her mother's family wanted to meet her and had come to Pennsylvania to spend time getting to know their first grandchild... Her grandparents and a cousin, the second grandchild (who had previously been considered first...and had been spoiled) also came.

Note: I was interested enough from Peace's description of her holidays with her mother, that I went out to find out more... This article helped me to understand how Quakers view Christmas. What I found was that, interestingly, my personal views were similar since I cannot accept the commercialism that now surrounds the birthday of Jesus...

With Peace's background life as a Quaker, she immediately found her new cousin, who was obviously doted on my her grandparents, well, spoiled... While she immediately fell in love with her grandparents, who clearly already cared deeply and wanted a relationship with Peace, she was distressed that they had planned on Flannery staying with Peace, so that they could get to know each other better.

By the time the book closes with all attending a Christmas service and hoping for peace on earth, an "almost" unbelievable series  of events had taken place, which included theft and death...

Briefly, a young local athlete had been killed by a car, which had been stolen, and happened to belong to Peace. By this second book, I am enthralled with this main character and already anxious to read the next book in the series. Peace is either a very perceptive person who cares for and watches people, or paranormal to some extent, or...chosen and placed where she needs to be in order to handle a developing or present situation...something like the "Touched by an Angel" television program... At this point, I'm thinking that, since few coincidents actually happen, that Peace is routinely pulled into God Incidents... Now I'm wondering if the author will clarify or just allow Peace to be Peace, no matter what and how she does it... Yes, I'm hooked...

This book provides no mystery for the readers since we are privy to thoughts of all involved characters and know what is going on...No matter, because it is still only at the end that we are to see what actually happens as two girls, caught in their own life actions, struggle to get through being caught... It is Peace who watches all that is happening and pulls out results of her God Incidents, or her keen perception, to know what to do... And, still surprising to me, she actually does what she feels she must do! Such a brave, strong woman we have in Peace Morrow! The climax literally shocked me as, Peace walks into the Lion's Den and leads one of the hardest discussions that could possibly ever take place.. placing herself in danger, but with only a very few people who knew that Peace was the catalyst used to resolve this multi-family dramatic tragedy! 

Many Kudos to the author! Start with the beginning but each can be read independently, with only the characters changing. Check out this series - Highly recommended!


And while the family continued singing traditional hymns, a new relationship was developing for Peace...
She felt a tickle on the back of her hand. ...fingers. Moving. Tracing a shape. She marked its circular path. No. The fingertips strayed from the circle, dipped down, made a sharp point, slanted upward. A heart?
She turned to him. The answer was in his eyes. Yes, a heart.

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