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The Case of the Hobo's Son: A Sam Cloudstone Novella by Jimmy Martin

As the last rays of the sun shrunk down below the trees, a white mist seemed to Sam to appear in the corner of the kiva. As he concentrated on the mist, it slowly formed into the visage of an elderly Indian man. It was Grandpa and he'd come to talk with his favorite grandson.
"Hello Yanny-va-oo'ah." This is the name Grandpa had always used for Sam, which meant "laughing child" in Comanche, and it was based on the fact that Sam was the happiest baby Grandpa had ever seen. Sometimes he simple called him Yanny for short.
"Hello Grandpa. As usual I'm very glad to see you!" Sam said. "How are things in the great beyond?"
"Fine. And I'm glad to see you too. But you must stop this, it's not right. Besides, I have told you over and over that you are doing this all wrong. You should eat the Sacred Cactus, not drink a tea made from it. And you are not using enough, you cannot see your spirit animal at such a level. All you are doing in conjuring me."
"My spirit animal is an idiot. He is a magnificent White Wolf, so regal and majestic, but when I ask him questions he always disappoints me" Sam lamented. "Every dialog we have degenerates into a discussion of the Kennedy Assassination! I'm asking questions that to me should lead to the reasons for my very existence, and he keeps going on about the Grassy Knoll and multiple shooters.. Do you understand how disappointing that is to me?"
"Maybe you are to discover something about that. Maybe that is what he is trying to tell you. You ARE an investigator, aren't you?" Grandpa asked him.
"That I am. But mostly, I'm just a wondering spirit, and you are the only one from the other side of the spirit world that ever makes any sense to me. For that matter, you are one of the only ones that ever made any sense on this side of the spirit world too."

The Case of the Hobo's Son is the second book in the Sam Cloudstone Series by Jimmy Martin. The debut proved to be a fun book so I was happy to move forward with Cloudstone, a quite unique character. I encourage you to check out the first novel to taste the flavor! Sam's a PI by profession, but there is a lot of fun time that takes place, it seems, no matter what particular mystery he is asked to work with...

Sam and Melissa have continued to live together, so in this book, we actually get to participate in two adventures as each plans a trip to gather with friends. Interestingly, Sam's ex, Sandra, has become friends with Melissa and it is a delight to watch what interaction occurs among the threesome. Melissa and Sandra are heading out for a girl's weekend trip that has been a tradition for 8 years...They're heading to a dude ranch!

Sam is headed to Arlington to stay with his friend Richard Serling, with the obvious nickname of Twilight Zone  (or Zone)...but when Sam gets there, Zone has a semi live-in that immediately gets on Sam's nerves... "Don't get me wrong, man, I like her but, damn!" Zone just looked at him with that look that two race car drivers might have across a crowded bar that say "I get you!"

Zone's crazy girlfriend named Luz was there when Sam first got there and hung out with them for a little while. She came from Columbia, and she had the type of personality that reminded people of the comedienne Charo, the famous "cuchi-cuchi girl." She left after about 30 minutes in order to let them catch up on old times. Sam was actually relieved! spending 30 minutes with someone of her ebullient personality tended to wear Sam out. Actually, Luz tended to wear most people out so Sam wasn't in any minority. When she kissed Zone goodbye and went out into the ever present rain, both men looked at each other with a certain relief on their faces.

Kicking back Sam and Zone caught up...and invariably brought out the guitars--Sam remembered when he used to live in a tent and wrote songs for beer.

Somewhere in the middle of their rendition of "Whisky River" Sam decided to give Melissa a call...but after one no answer he got an answer, berating...Sam had played a dirty joke on her and she was fuming! Oh well...we'll be seeing how that works out!

I've always been intrigued by the spiritual relationship with ancestors and spirit guides by Native Americans. Sam had been discouraged by his new partner to use the drugs that sometimes accompanied those connections. Still, Sam was really confused when his spirit guide kept talking about the Kennedy Assassination...But when things later came about that he was being shown to the Dallas Underground, pieces of the puzzle began to come together...
Years ago, I visited old Underground Atlanta Georgia and enjoyed a delightful dinner with a companion, although I would not wish to live there if I had a choice... But it seems from Sam's informant, there were hobos living underground during the 60s and they were going to meet the son of one of those who were there in November, 1963...

OK, it's a story that's has been used many times, but there is sufficient background and character development by Martin to allow readers to enjoy once again playing "what if..." with a fresh, alternative history story for the Kennedy Assassination, like no other! For instance, on continuing the search they discovered a false wall and behind it they found the message: To solve the riddle, and be a good learner, Take a water trip, to the falling castle...Mr. Turner... Who was Mr. Turner, how long had that message been there, and many other questions occurred to Sam as he willingly decided to enjoy a scavenger hunt with history being the theme...

While the hunt begins for Sam and others, Melissa and her group of friends have run into a little trouble... Seems one of the group has a real delight with her Tequila which she takes everywhere she goes... and she had gotten into a hassle with the male friend of a woman who was a member of a Mexican Girl gang who thought nothing of taking out anybody that crossed them...and when she saw the woman that had done her wrong, the whole gang started out after The Coven, which was what Melissa's group went by...Funny yes, but also not so much since the gang member was aiming to rid herself of her perceived enemy!

And all the wild happenings took place in the rains that caused the Great Texas Springtime Floods of 2015!

And if all that is not enough to keep you interested, you'll be visiting a casino for craps, learn some language about playing such as a Little Joe or a Yo, all of which I hadn't a clue how to interpret, LOL, listening to guy stories from the past and sometimes leaning in on some music...

Then I heard the Kinks were coming to town and I decided I needed to go see them! Anyway, like I said I was broke, but I found out through a guy down the hall that there was a little known "Distressed Student Fund" available to students to use in an emergency. Well, like I said I hadn't been laid lately so I figured this qualified. I made up some sob story and got $175 from the school on loan. I then bought two Kinks tickets and then proceeded to try to find some girl to go see them with me."
"Which I have always maintained is a mistake." interjected Sam, "Women in my experience will go with you to a concert, but they will usually just go to be seen there, or just go to get trashed there. Which is fine if you just want to get laid, but if you actually want to enjoy the band I've always found it's better to go with a buddy or at least a girl that truly loves the band!"

You might think it is a guy book, but it was fun and when Melissa believes Sam is in trouble and rides in to save the day, well, in my opinion, it doesn't get better than that. Enjoy!


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