Sunday, July 2, 2017

Nellie Wasilewski Presents Starting Over - and Celebrating Independence Day...

Starting Over


Nellie Wasilewski

We sold our home 
in Harmony City. 
Rose bushes blooming,
tomatoes vines growing 
all left behind.
Neighbors bestowed snacks 
and well wishes.
A fully packed van  
moved farther and farther away. 
Silence in the car following the van.

Everything is unfamiliar…
no large maple trees
gracing the front lawn.  
 The house is pretty, much larger.
Too much space for three.  
Empty rooms reverberate
with lonely footsteps.

Days go by: 
boxes disappear, 
furniture sits in place, 
closets are filled,
homemade soup simmers
on the new stove. 
Inch by agonizing inch, 
our journey ended at home.

Previously Published by: Dual Coast Magazine 

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