Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Come on! We're Visiting Cuba with Tour Guide Carole P. Roman


If you were me and lived in Cuba, you would live on an island located in the northern Caribbean in the western hemisphere. It is known as the Republic of Cuba and is the biggest island in the Caribbean and the second most populated in the area. You would live in the capital and largest city Havana. You would love the energy of this busy port. It is an important business and banking center for the whole island.

I'm not totally uptodate on the present relationship with the United States, given some fairly recent comments by our president; however, it is obvious as you turn the pages of the latest Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World by Carole P. Roman that Cuba is beautiful and offers a wealth of enjoyment for vacationers and sightseers. I found pictures for our children in the above video but do like to learn about the names given in the various countries we visit.

Veronica, Zamira or Aymee are sometimes chosen for girls while Ernesto, Jose, and Luis are often given to boys... Coming home in this case involves arriving at a pleasant house with architectural design similar to ours while town buildings may represent an older time period, and also, when we visit, we would go to see the Castillo del Morrow, a Spanish form built in the 17th Century.

I was impressed with the quality of the architectural works, such as with the Castillo, and give kudos to Illustrator Kelsea Wierenga for her contribution to the wonderful book.

Of course we got to have lunch with the family! I love to be able to at least taste food in different countries, but with my sweet tooth seeing the tres leches waiting there on the buffet, I was already looking forward to dessert even as I was enjoying arroz con pollo, which is chicken and rice...I also tasted twice-fried plantains...which I had never tried before, although I've seen them in grocery stores--they look like bananas (actually I didn't get to taste them, but I would have if I'd really been there in Cuba!)...

Do you know what I was most impressed with! The importance placed on a healthy body, with the parents early teaching children about sports as an essential part of life...Parents began exercising with you when you were only 45 days old! Wow! I sure wish America had that as a guiding principle for our youth...I doubt many of us would be in the shape we are when our parents automatically began to indoctrinate all of us early to exercise massage of arms and legs...Especially when they added it to games so it would be fun!

And you know what? It's July 18th and it's a special time...it is when Carnival at Santiago de Cuba is held! You'd have a week-long week to enjoy if you were there right now! And then stay to watch the annual Fire Festival, Fiesta del Fuego, which highlights a culture from the country each year.

You know this collection is a wonderful set of books for your child's library, but, well, I'm not a child anymore and I must add that, for me, I have learned more about the culture of the countries I've visited through these books, than I would ever had done through travel books... These books are created to entice you to visit, giving sufficient information about the country and culture there, as well as events and tourist places, that you have a short overview that gives you enough to become quite acquainted with countries where you may never visit. 

So, let's just say this book and the series are highly recommended for children...and their families! Find out Why if you haven't already...


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