Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ghost Town Detective Agency Finds... One Ghost Too Many! Cool Debut Co-Authored by New Aspiring Writer Gavin M. Garza!

Double-Dog Dare

"You better take that back!"
Rosie Barnes ground her teeth and pointed at Tommy Marshal. She blew the ends of her fire-red hair out of her face with a puff from the corner of her mouth. Chase Williams tried to get her to calm down. It was something he was used to doing.
"It's okay," Chase said.
"No, it's not," she insisted. "Tommy's going to take it back."
Tommy stood with his arms crossed in the middle of the Gum Springs Elementary cafeteria. A ornery grin covered covered his face as a growing sea of children filled in around him.
"I'm not taking anything back." Tommy said. "The Williams family is the reason everyone calls this city Ghost Town."
That was in fact true, and both Rosie and Chase knew it well. The Williams family had been a part of the original founders of Gum Springs, and the stories of their involvement with ghosts and curses was a familiar tale...

One Ghost Too Many!
Ghost Town Detective Agency

By Gavin M. Garza
Michael W. Garza

"We all know the Williams
house is haunted," Tommy
continued. "And Old Lady
Williams talks to ghosts."
If you know children who are already into celebrating Halloween and all of its "scary" things, then the Debut book, One Ghost Too Many, is certainly recommended for your consideration. The main characters are third grade students at Gum Springs Elementary and are part of the Williams family, those who had originally founded their town, Gum Springs..

So here's the catch... Everybody in town knew the stories and believed their town had ghosts. But when an argument erupted at school when a local boy who enjoyed starting trouble, started making fun of the family, specifically that the Williams house was haunted and that "Old Lady Williams" talked to ghosts...

This series targets new independent readers with easy to follow plots and grade level appropriate text. Help build a better reader today.

At first Rosie was the only one defending her family, but when Tommy called his great-grandmother Old Lady Williams, Chase got upset. Still, he wasn't prepared when Rosie taunted, "We'll show you..." And that is how it was declared that they would spend the night in the Williams house!" Especially when they got the "double-dog dare you" challenge...

Chase was terrified. Rosie yelled, "You're on!"

By that time, their cousin got involved and soon the news was all over the school of the "death-defying sleepover." Only after that did Chase calm down enough to ask Rosie, "are you crazy?"

Hey, what could happen. Their great-grandmother would be there, right? In fact, she was very happy to have the three come to visit and the kids did have a good time eating and sharing with her.. 

But what would happen that night when their great-grandmother had gone to bed? Especially when noises started and they were too excited not to investigate... Was their imaginations worse than what would happen?

I loved the story behind the the reason for the ghost town. It is a perfect blend of history as well as a way to begin and continue the series. Kudos to the writers!

In fact, the mystery is an important part, so I'm already curious as to how the next story will allow another historical artifact to be returned!

The book itself is quite well done, with easy double-spaced pages and line drawings that are fitted into the narrative so that we are able to meet the characters and see some of the action as it occurs. And, yes, there was indeed a ghost in the house! Be prepared to meet him...but it's really not too scary, so quite in line with the age of the children in the book...  Do check it out because it really is a great introduction from both a historical as well as minimal horror story...


Gavin M. Garza spends most of his days adventuring in elementary school and buried in homework. He hopes to be a famous football or baseball player someday, but he'll settle for being an engineer if he has to. He watched his dad write a book one day and thought I bet I could do that, so he did.

Michael W. Garza often finds himself wondering where his inspiration will come from next and in what form his imagination will bring it to life. The outcomes regularly surprise him, and it's always his ambition to amaze those curious enough to follow him and take in those results. He hopes everyone will find something that frightens, surprises, or simply astonishes them... WWW.MWGARZA.COM

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