Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Mix - Poetry by Gilbert Wesley Purdy, Photograph by Adolfo Caso...with Complementary Music

"Mockingbird" Photograph by Adolfo Caso

Harvesting the Light 

(for J.B. and Barbara Jackson) 

"Let us consider the light-harvesting."  --Diane Ackerman 

By Gilbert Wesley Purdy

The workers are in the garden today, 
collectors open expectantly: 

roses to gather damasks, 
roses, hibiscus still brighter reds and pinks, 
daylilies, their white baskets fresh each day,
 the snapdragon and the marigold. 
In the fields the poincianas winnow
 mandarins in their great fans, 
bright hosts of jasmine grabble yellows, 
beside desultory golden rod. 
Soon even the prodigal butterfly will groan
 under harvests of sulfur and apricot, 
sunset-orange and crimson-lake, 
carelessly trailing them behind.


Read and move on or stay awhile...In the Garden...
Enjoy your Day...

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