Thursday, November 19, 2015

Michael Steven Tunstall Presents The Lord is Pleased When the Angels Sing...

Delightful Rhythms as
Refreshing as "Rain"


I love the smell of rain in the air, it brings a breath of fresh and clean, and though it may bring thunderstorms and lightning, I know it ends with a sprightly colored rainbow.
And when I see the flowers bloom, and the green grass underfoot, all of the rivers filling lakes, streams and the little brooks.

I am reminded that it all comes from those rainy days,
when the Lord brings showers upon the earth.

The Lord is Pleased
When the Angels Sing

By Michael Steven Tunstall

If you are like me and enjoy the beautiful world the Lord has given us, then I highly recommend you consider When the Angels Sing! The book, which is dedicated to the author's sister who died in June, is a wonderful collection of 54 poems of various lengths and topics, many of them about nature...and our Heavenly Father. As the front cover says, the rhythm of these poems has been exceptionally well done and you find yourself stopping at the phrases, considering, as if the author was talking to you. As you can see from my recent posts, I found many that became favorites, but truly, I enjoyed all of them, which is rare for me... Sometimes I do not totally understand the message being presented, but Tunstall has assured me that, indeed, The Lord is Pleased, not only when the Angels Sing, but when writers share their thoughts in such beautiful, flowing words...

Tunstall captures emotions, thoughts and feelings, many of them normally kept internally, sometimes never spoken to others...Now he speaks for us through his words. On the back blurb, it begins "Poetry is the art of making uncommon sense..." Could it be that he has merely listened to his own heart--his sister's heart--and to our hidden heart secrets, and collected them together for the world? It seems so...

One particular poem was funny yet sad, as the author shares a wonderful story of his sister and him when they were just children...

Then tossed in among the others are two tributes for John Kennedy and Martin Luther King and one cute political statement, entitled The Candidate, which rang so very true!

I admit though that the ones I most enjoyed were the ones that shares the writer's emotions--the highs and lows of responses to nature's displays...

And to whom he gives thanks...

Do check out this book--I think you'll enjoyed it as much as I did... In fact, I loved it!


The Almighty

He ascends on heights, to see what lies beneath the celestial skies, to explore the hears of all mankind, and search its depths, far and wide.
He sees the beginning and fading out of every imaginable thing, for his eyes are lightning flashes, searching the world from the equator to the celestial horizon.

I soar on wings, over mountains high,
ageless forest, and canyons dry.
Beneath the deep, where the unseen lies,
and the ocean's expanse holds no boundary ties.
Above the clouds, in heaven's reach,
where space is seen, 
and the stars twinkle in the night.
Across that great divide,
where time is light,
no day or night,
through galaxies untold, 
infinite black holes, and
boundless as the human mind.

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