Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Help Me" A Poetic Prayer by Paul Kramer...


Help me to listen
I will grow to be wise
Help me to know right from wrong
I will walk a straight line
Help me to be less vain
I will have more humility
Help me to reduce my anger
I will have less hostility 
Help me to be compassionate
I will be kind hearted
Help me to be courageous
I will be less afraid
Help me to forgive
No grudges will I hold
Help me to learn to trust
I won’t need to be in control

Help me to be nonjudgmental
I will love unconditionally
Help me to live in the present
I will not dwell in the past

Help me to find faith
I shall never be alone

[from an upcoming book]

Paul M Kramer

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