Monday, November 3, 2014

I Always Wanted to Visit Australia...and Carole P. Roman Made It Possible Through Her Cultural Series for Children!

In Canberra, the capital city, I was caught by the British Coat of Arms that appears on what is called the Old Parliament house  where laws were made until 1988.
With my former career as a facilities manager, I immediately wondered how this building was now being used--as a parliamentary museum, and discovered that a beautiful new building had been erected, which complements the earlier building... I was impressed!
Canberra is located between two of Australia's most populated cities, Melbourne and Sydney. It was chosen as the capital city to make everybody happy. It is surrounded by a lot of vegetation so it is called the "bush capital."

If you Were Me and Lived in...  Australia:
An Introduction to Learning About Other Cultures

By Carole P. Roman

I always love to meet the kids of each country, but this time, I learned something new...that my favorite music program, The Voice, goes to various countries and I found a real, Lively intro to some of the singers from Australia! Check it out!

Let's meet some of the "Aussies," shall we?

The last three pictures were taken on Australia Day! Hurray!
If you are a boy in Australia, you might be called Jack (J-ae-k), William (Will-yum) or Oliver (oh-l-ee-v-ER-r).
Favorite girls names are Charlotte (sh-AH-r-l-uh-t), Ruby (R-OO-b-y), and Sophie (So-fee).

Here's a more traditional song and background for your kids to learn...

While Mommy and Daddy are the same as in the U.S., don't plan on getting our kind of money. You'll need an Australian dollar to buy your treats! Eating is somewhat similar...such as eating grilled meat on the (bar-bee) which we normally just call grilling out, right?! And a big tossed salad to go with it... They do have a special lunch of vegemite sandwiches for school. This is a spread of dark brown vegetable paste onto white bread with some Western Star butter. Sounds like they eat healthily, don't they... That's probably because they need to be so they can do some of the cool things that can be done, living on a continent... Do you know the word continent? What does that mean??? The map below will help see that as well...

Like enjoying water sports, say, snorkeling or riding in a bareboat, which is a mini submarine with windows... Best place for that would be the Great Barrier Reef! It's the largest reef in the world and can be seen from outer space!

Cricket is the favorite sport with kids joining teams at young ages!

If you get the chance, travel to Australia in January when their special Australia Day is celebrated, which dates back to 1788...and that's the middle of summer, Down Under!
Sure would like to visit and learn more about the many cultures on this large island... But be on the lookout for these fellas that may come jumpin' along... Enjoy!

And if you see a crocodile, let's hope that Dundee is around!
Who's Dundee? Well, I thought everybody knew him, but if not, check him out in this movie clip for age appropriate viewing of course...
Once again Carole P. Roman takes children into another country, and, in this case, another continent, and introduces your children to those they might meet, plus learn all about their lives and the location where they live. Wonderful, colorful series that is both interesting and educational... Check out the whole set! Highly recommended...


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