Monday, March 31, 2014

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald Second in Series Sure to Please Funny Bone!

Suddenly, four Thoroughbreds materialized through the mist to gallop freely through the shed row. Steam burst from their nostrils. Their eyes were wild with excitement and their manes tossed in the air. Sucking himself against the wall, Punch strained to see riders jumping from their mounts to pull them aside while the rouge renegades thundered past. 
The haze was beginning to dissipate when Mike West pulled his truck into the track parking lot. He yawned into his fist, stretched his back before he turned off the ignition, and slid from the driver’s seat. The truck expelled a deep beep, beep, when he pressed the lock button on the key ring. When he turned toward the barn area, his
eyes were drawn to a tall, leggy, blonde bombshell. She was the equal to any Playboy centerfold. His eyebrow arched and the left side of his mouth curved upward. With a bucket filled with oats, the lovely woman was coaxing a grey Thoroughbred. Interested in what she had to offer, the horse inched toward her until he came almost within her grasp. The closer the
The ornery equine jerked his head up.
His nose caught on the very edge
 of the bucket, flipped it into the air, a
nd then he bolted in the opposite direction.
The blonde grappled for the spinning bucket
and the sticky oats that were flying all
 around until it landed on Mike’s head.,,
Thoroughbred came, the more her blue eyes brightened and her plump lips curled in anticipation. Mike couldn’t deny such a beautiful damsel in distress. So, he sauntered toward her and her four-legged friend to assist in any way he could. The Thoroughbred stretched his nose toward the bucket to sniff the sweet oats smothered in molasses. The blonde’s eyes grew wider. Cautiously, she reached out her hand to grab the horse’s halter... 
Staggering around like a poor imitation of a tight rope walker, Mike tried to pull the bucket from his head. The molasses-drenched oats dripped down his neck and over his shoulders. When she reached for the bucket, her feet became tangled which caused her to tumble into Mike and knock him to the ground. When he finally managed to yank the bucket from his head, Mike found himself nose-to-nose with the beautiful blonde, who was straddling him. Other than the oats clinging to his hair and clothes, he’d been in worse positions. 

Hot Coco
By Cindy McDonald

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