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Hey Everybody! Come Meet Toby! He Wants to Say "Be a Buddy Not a Bully! A Very Cool Dog!

Today, Toby, the Pet Therapy Dog, is going to visit children at school. Toby is wearing his therapy dog uniform which shows others that he is a special "working" dog...

"Good morning class," said Mrs. Johnson. "Let's welcome Toby and Miss Charmaine. Today Toby is receiving an important award.  He is receiving the Gold Star Friendship Award for being a buddy, not a bully."

Toby Says Be a Buddy Not
      a Bully

By Charmaine Hammond


I loved this vid with Toby as the Star Based upon First Book...to become Movie!


Unfortunately, we know it is never too early to help children understand about those who are mean and do naughty things just to express that feeling. There's a special word for them--Bullies! This book is written for ages 3-10 and is perfect for school or church teachers or any other organized group where children potentially meet those who choose to be mean and nasty!

"That dog was really mean to you," said Lauren.
"We would never do that to you, or anyone,
Toby was listening to every word, and was so happy
that he wagged his tail back and forth, very fast.
Even Toby had been bullied!

Miss Charmaine explained that she had always had a little teddy bear for Toby to cuddle since he was a pup. Now she would take one with them to the park in case he wanted to play fetch...

But when Toby went after his teddy...you guessed it! A bully was there already...

...Toby and I were at the park, there was another dog who was very mean to Toby. The other dog took Toby's favorite toy teddy bear and shook it so hard, that it tore. The dog also growled at Toby!

When Toby had his toy taken away, he felt just like you would feel if somebody took something of yours! So, of course, all of the children at school wanted to know more about what happened and they wanted to assure Toby that they were not bullies like that mean dog! Instead of getting into a fight, he came to Miss Charmaine and sought help. Toby always wanted to be kind, but it was many times hard to be when somebody was picking on him...

There were a lot of other questions and then Toby got his gold star and they had  party! They even had broccoli and ice cream...Ah... Ok.  If that's what
Toby and others want, it's ok by me...LOL

Now the things I liked about the book were the
questions at the end which reviewed the story so that the children have a chance to remember and think about what they had learned.

There was also a list of Toby's rules for being a Buddy--Not a Bully!

But most of all I enjoyed learning what Toby says about practicing acts of kindness...
Say "Thank you" when someone is helpful or says something nice to you.

The book itself has been beautifully illustrated by Rose Anne Prevec and includes children of all races and even one little boy who just may be a bully and is not sure what to do when he hears the story...Or at least the little boy with red hair and a green shirt looked like that to me...what do you think? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have this book available for appropriately-aged school classes so that a similar discussion could occur where "potential" bullies learn that other children don't like, want, or are willing to accept a child who is a bully?!

The book came to me in a large card-sized envelope which I thought was also cool, because moms, grandparents, teachers--everybody--can easily and quickly send a copy of the book to their relatives or students. I was impressed with not only this book, but the whole Toby program...

and here's what Team Toby kids are saying:

I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to share this book with you. I'm afraid that bullying might be the first step that a child can make, leading to other criminal activities. Having this book and/or other programs to help children understand how cruel it is to be a bully should be everybody's responsibility. I support this book as someone who was once bullied and who hopes we continue to work to help children learn kind acts of friendship instead!


Charmaine Hammond, is an international transformational speaker (has spoken to more than 75,000 people around the globe), and is a #1 international best selling and award winning author of dog book On Toby's Terms, (Bettie Youngs Books), Toby The Pet Therapy Dog & His Hospital Friends, and Toby The Pet Therapy Dog Says Be a Buddy Not a Bully. Her children's books are A Mom's Choice Awards Recipient, and also received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. She is co-author of wildly popular new book, GPS Your Best Life-charting your destination and getting there in style. Charmaine was the winner of the 2012 Business Matchmaker of the Year award, an international award (eWomenNetwork)and the Outstanding Alumni Award. On Toby's Terms won a GOLD in the Reader's Favorite Book Awards.
Charmaine is a professional speaker and has spoken to audiences internationally and is a sought after speaker at corporate events, conferences and author conventions. Charmaine is also a founding and board member of the Evolutionary Business Council, and host of three wildly popular radio shows. She also teaches and mentors authors on Your Book as a Business.
Charmaine has been featured in the Metro USA, Metro Canada, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton and Spruce Grove Examiner, Calgary and Edmonton Sun, Del Mar Times, National Post, Global TV, CTSTV, Alberta Prime Time (CTV) and on many radio stations in the US and Canada.
www.TheOriginalTeamToby.com www.ontobysterms.com www.CharmaineHammond.com
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