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Sofie Kelly Provides Wild Wonderful Weekend For Cozy Mystery Lovers!

"We are time's subjects," a voice said behind me.
I turned around to see my mother standing just
inside the door, smiling at me. She was the only
person I knew who could quote a line or two from
Shakespeare in the middle of a conversation and
not sound pretentious.
"And time bids begone," I said, grinning back at
her. I didn't give her a chance to quote anything
else from Henry IV, though. I crossed the new
feet between us and threw my arms around her."
 "I like your library and I like your staff," she said as she settled on the passenger side of the truck. Her carry-on was at her feet and her suitcase was in the bed of the truck, covered with a tarp because it was spitting rain.
"You cut your hair," I said as we drove up the hill.
"What do you think? It was the executive producer's idea.
"I like it."
"I'm supposed to look rich and ruthless," she said with a laugh. "When I e-mailed your father a photo, he said I looked like Helen Mirren,
I shot her another quick look. She actually did look a bit like the British actress. They had the same hair now and the same beautiful posture. "Maybe a little," I said.
She brushed a bit of lint off her sweater. I hope it wasn't cat hair. "He's just trying to charm me into doing a British accent. He's always thought a British accent is sexy."
I shook my head. "Way, way more information than I need to have."
She laughed and the sound filled the truck. I smiled at her. 
"I'm so glad you're here."
"Me, too, Katydid," she said.

Final Catcall
Sofie Kelly

It was the cat characters that attracted me to this series, but it was this book that allowed the author to become a favorite for me. I was happy to see Kathleen take a much more solid lead in both the mystery as well as in her personal life... I certainly enjoyed the dialogue between Kathleen, Owen, and Hercules--she certainly gives them more attention than I do talking to my own. My only defense is that I'm busy reading--and it is sometimes about Kathleen in Kelly's books! I also enjoy that Kelly begins the next book as the last one was closing, so you begin to get a feel for all that happens in the town and get to know the main characters very well, especially if they are connected to Kathleen, of course.

Another point that is intriguing is that Kelly always has a number of potential suspects, often those that live in the town, or in this case, was related to Marcus! Major issue to watch is interaction among Kathleen, Marcus and Hannah! Immediately, readers start wanting to ensure "it couldn't have been this or that person" just because... But this one was a little tougher and I was even willing to wonder about...Andrew...more on him later...

Although I can imagine that figuring out a reason and a setting for a murder in a small town is tough, I thought this particular book was much more interesting from the mystery standpoint, as opposed to the fun of having the cats involved. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy both, but this particular book, latest in the series, has become my favorite (so far, LOL)

"That's good." He jammed both hands in the
pockets of his jacket, his gaze never leaving my
face."I'm glad you're all right." I waited for him
to say he'd gotten my messages, that he was sorry,
angry, anything. But he didn't.
Beside me Andrew shifted from one foot to the
other. I cleared my throat." Marcus, this is my
friend Andrew Reid. He's here from Boston."
I turned to Andrew." Andrew, this is Detective
Marcus Gordon."
It seemed to me that Marcus stood just a little
straighter as he held out his hand. Andrew
definitely did, squaring his shoulders and taking
a step forward to shake hands.
"Welcome to Mayville Heights," Marcus said.
"Are you here for the food tasting?"
"No, I'm not," Andrew said with a cool smile
that was nothing like the charming grin he'd
used on Maggie at the cafe. He shot me a quick
sideways glance.
I'd never told Marcus about my relationship with
Andrew, but it was clear from the way his face
shifted into his unreadable police officer
expression that he'd figured out there had been
something between us. Both men were sizing
each other up and not being very subtle about
it. I felt a little like they were a couple of
German shepherds and I was a fire hydrant..."
To recap for those who have not yet read about these magical cats, Kathleen came from Boston to direct and manage the renovation of the town's library. She also left because she had been jilted--before the wedding! The fool went out with buddies, got drunk and he married a waitress he met that night...

Andrew! And now he was in Mayville Heights! Kathleen was not the least bit interested! But...

She and Marcus, the town's chief police officer, had had a fight... About the same old thing... It seemed Kathleen was always the one who found a murder victim and/or knew somebody that was involved. For Kathleen that meant she also got involved because she cared about her friends.

To Marcus she was getting too involved in "his" investigation...

Which was of course true for both of them! And Kathleen had begun to think it would always be that way. So when Andrew came, proclaimed to all her friends that he was there for two weeks to woo her back, well, she had once loved him and she could at least be friendly...

So readers will enjoy a little jealous game-playing throughout, and all I'll tell you is that neither Owen or Hercules had much to do with Andrew, who couldn't even remember their names...What?!

Mayville Heights had been asked to, at the last-minute host a theatre group that had been planned for in a nearby town. There had been a fire in in the building they were to use!

Kathleen got involved because they wanted to use the new Gazebo that had been added to the Library grounds for several outdoor short plays... Cool idea and everybody was in favor, except the Director...

So, of course, he had to go... Well, I didn't mean he had to be killed...but that's what happened! And really, once you've seen him in action with the ladies of the library, you'll understand that even I could have been A suspect! LOL

What was really bad was that Marcus' sister had come to town to play a part and she was seen driving near the location where the director was killed and also had a past history with him. Marcus was forced to give up the lead detective for the case, which led to lots of surprising conversations between he and Kathleen--she was trying to help him keep away from the case, when all he wanted to do was get involved... Sounded familiar to both of them...and taught them both a lot, I thought!

Okay, I missed having the cats as part of the mystery itself, but I did enjoy the interaction between Kathleen as she talks out the issues with them. In many respects, this part is much like Lilian Braun The Cat Who Series which has always been my favorite cat cozy mysteries... and which I still miss reading! But I'm giving Sofie Kelly notice that if she keeps her series moving forward as she has, I think she going's to be a major competitor for this well-known cat series!
Readers, what do you think?

Start with Final Catcall if you haven't read her and I'll wager you'll go out and get the rest! You've just got to see these magical cats in action! Highly recommended!


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Sofie Kelly is the pseudonym of young adult writer and mixed-media artist, Darlene Ryan. Sofie/Darlene lives on the east coast with her husband and daughter. In her spare time she practices Wu style tai chi and likes to prowl around thrift stores. And she admits to having a small crush on Matt Lauer.

A Challenge to My readers...I went out looking for a pic of Fred the Funky Chicken Catnip and couldn't find any? 

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And the little purple mouse would be nice too!

After all, Owen and Hercules was spending so
much time at home with them, they didn't get
involved with the mystery...Sigh...

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