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Daughter Cell by Jay Hartlove, Weird and Wild Leap Into Genetics! Wow!

Randy squinted and blinked, and ran a hand through his short sandy hair. "I'm still pretty disoriented. I hardly recognized this place until you walked out here. I feel wrung out, like I've been crying or something."
"Well, you have. A lot of crying. A lot of drinking."
Malaysian Beach House
Randy stared at him as he felt the pieces fall back into place. "Oh, God. Now I remember why I'm here. Cheri is dead, isn't she? We're at your beach house in Malaysia, because she died here in a..." he struggled.
"Car crash," Young Nae supplied patiently. "Four months ago.
Randy blinked and shook his head. "Four months? I've been here for four months?" He shivered and pulled the blanket back around himself. "What, just moping around?"
"It's called grieving. She was the love of your life...
"I feel like I've been sitting for too long already. I can't believe four months have passed. So what is it now, May?"
"June, June 2005. Cheri died in February. You and Desiree came here for the funeral."
"Right." Randolph nodded. "I remember the country was just recovering from some kind of disaster."
"Well, it wasn't this country, but Indonesia, which is right next door. It was the day after Christmas, with a 9.2 earthquake, followed by a tsunami that killed 130,000 people. Back in February it was all anyone would talk about."
"So, I've been out of it for four months since then? That seems unbelievable."
"Well, it's not like you've just been sitting here looking out at the ocean all that time. We've had plenty to do with Desiree's problems too."
Randy could only stare at his friend in wide-eyed confusion.
It took Young Nae a moment to look up from his pouring the coffee to notice the reaction. "What? You're drawing another blank, about your daughter's accident?
"Accident? What kind of accident? What are you fucking telling me? My nineteen-year-old daughter has had an accident and I don't even remember it? Is she okay?"

Creating a Daughter Cell

Daughter Cell
By Jay Hartlove

Sanantha Mauwad
"First, I want to congratulate
you on taking the initiative to
protect your mental health.
You've been living with your
brief for a long time now, and
it's smart of you to realize you
can't get through this kind of
pain on your own with just the
passage of time." Sanantha sat
facing Randy...She was pleased
to see him sitting more relaxed.
"You said you've never seen a
psychiatrist before, so coming to
me was also a step outside your
comfort zone. For that you should
be proud of yourself."
This is a sequel to The Chosen which I believe also included Sanantha Mauwad, a psychiatrist. So if you enjoyed her in that novel, you might consider this a must-read. She is a wonderful character! I was especially impressed with Hartlove's writing of her verbal communication skills as a therapist. In fact, if she hadn't been there for Randolph Macklin, a genetic researcher who early in the book became her client, I'm not sure he would have made it through all the trauma that Hartlove put him through, LOL! 
Randolph Macklin
"The memory loss if just scary."
"I'm no shrink, but it's probably your
brain trying to protect itself. I loved
the both of them too, but I cannot
imagine what you have gone through."
"Can I see Desiree?"
Young Nae slapped Randy's knee and
gave it a squeeze. "Of course."

 Randolph Macklin is not only a leading genetic researcher, he has discovered a major advancement in genetics. There has been no announcement of this discovery to this point.  Because of the way the novel has been written, it is not possible to go too far into this work, else too much will be given away. Let us just say, given the title, that he has developed a method of creating a "daughter cell" but do not assume that this is just another word for cloning... Much more fascinating happenings in this medical thriller which, of course, may or may not even be possible in reality, but surely helped to create an exciting and unique read for those like myself who enjoy learning of medical possibilities 
through fiction!

Young Nae Yoon
Sanantha didn't want to appear
critical while trying to develop
Randolph's trust, but this sounded
unsafe. She covered her hesitation
by shifting..."Doesn't that process
save trouble down the road?...
"We did do testing. We satisfied
ourselves the drugs worked,
without side effects, and I
figured we could collect clinical
data from our customers. Other
cosmetics firms do the same thing
all the time, adjust their
formulas as they get feedback..."
"The practical application that we
wanted to move on was in
cosmetics," Young Nae added.
"You've probably heard of our line,

Young Nae and Randy had known each other since college days at UCLA--Randy in pre-med and Young Nae in Business Administration, which he later applied in pharmaceuticals and medical research. They had later gotten together again and went into business. Randy was doing a lot but not getting anything done due to patents, testing, FDA. He was on the cutting edge but the routine process in a corporation took years of testing and public vetting before anything could even be announced.
As Sanantha and Randolph began their work together, they began to see issues. Sanantha had suggested hypnosis as a possible way to
recover memories, but when it was tried, Randolph did something that was so unexpected that she immediately called for an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. When the doctor saw Randy
he was dismayed and immediately asked what caused the markings that were all over his body. Randy indicated that Young Nae had said they were lots of mosquito bites from when he was in the jungle...
With that assurance, the doctor pushed the American's sleeves all the way up and began briskly rubbing the skin on his forearms... The doctor stopped immediately, though, when he bumped into one of the round insect wounds on the back of Randolph's elbow..."Take off shirt."
The chilling connection visibly shocked Randolph...
Randolph was speechless and as white as the sheets beneath him. He sat up and began unbuttoning his shirt...
Everyone turned when the Chinese doctor sucked in a tight startled breath. He stood there a moment, clearly trying to comprehend what he was seeing. Without taking his eyes off Randolph's back, he gave the nurse an order and she took off running...
Every hole is on a key acupuncture point...
The whole flow [of chi energy] has probably been interrupted... 

Okay, we've got competitors of Randolph's company watching the activities... We've got snake bites...
puffer fish poison being used in various ways, including for meals, LOL...

And we've got Desiree, Randolph's daughter, in a coma with nobody knowing why... Of course, while they now know Randolph's heart has been affected by the acupuncture actions, they don't know who or why it was done...

So, that sounds like a good place to end talking about the book!

Hartlove's writing experience comes through clearly in his writing... But I think the various characters he's created turned out to be my favorite part of the story! (BTW, these character pics were selected and found on the Trilogy Facebook Page)... My opinion is that there's going to have to be some beefing up of the part to be played Gage though. Right now, Sanantha has the lead for me! Seriously, it is fun to picture the characters, but it really isn't needed to capture your total attention as you wade your way through everything that happens in this medical thriller! Ancient cults are already a part, as well as Kung Fu moves...I can't wait until the next one is out! When somebody looking like this beautiful lady will come...!

Don't Miss this one!


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