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Jillian Hart Meets Unexpected Ghost Cat in Latest Cats in Trouble Mystery Series by Leann Sweeney! Featuring Ghost Cats~

Dustin knelt and extended a hand. "They're not afraid of strangers?"
Syrah answered by starting toward Dustin, but all of a sudden he stopped, arched his back and hissed. Strange thing was he didn't seem to be hissing at Dustin. The cat was focused on something behind me and I wondered if a bug or a little lizard had come in the door behind us. I turned and looked at the floor. Nothing.

The Cat, The Mill and the Murder:
A Cats in Trouble Mystery

A killer's been milling about...
By Leann Sweeney

"It's nothing...Let's hurry and get iin here."
But is was something--that feeling again,
the brief touch against my leg...Maybe
this creepy place and Jeannie's belief
she had a companion cat no one else could
see had seeped into my mind, because it
definitely felt as though a cat had just
touched me...
Personal weekend time allowed me to check out the latest Cat in Trouble that was published many months ago... But that's alright, a book never gets too old, does it? And if you haven't read it yet, it brings the readers just as much fun! Check this one out!

Jillian Hart thinks she might be going crazy in the latest Cats in Trouble Mystery...She doesn't believe in ghosts, but she's been experiencing some sensations that are not easily explained. After all, she has three feline companions so she knows the moves they make and what it feels like...

So, if you felt something soft lightly rubbing against the side of your leg, Jillian did what any cat owner would, she looked down, expecting to see one of her own cats... But nothing was there! That she could see...
I held up a hand to Shawn, hoping he'd keep
quiet. "I'm Jillian. What's your name?"
"Clara Jeanne if you'd met my mama, but I
was always Jeannie to the rest of my kin...
Couse Mama's been gone so long. I can be
Jeannie, period. Just Jeannie." She looked
toward the saucer on the floor. "Aim't that
right Boots?"
"Boots?" I said.
"My kitty. She's pretty, huh?" Jeanne smiled,
revealing her rotting teeth.
An invisible cat. My heart ached with sympathy
and concern. This woman definitely needed
our help..."
It all started when a large former mill was going to be 
English: Herd (clowder) of Cats Српски / Srpsk...
But when a woman's voice yelled,
"What you think you're doin' in here?"
I jumped back and got a taste of my
own heart...
The clouded eyes of a woman stared
up at us. The odor hit me then, the
unpleasant combination of spoiled food
and an unwashed body...
"This place is dangerous, lady, Plus,
I'm thinkin' you don't have a key."
Dustin cleared his throat. "This isn't
a healthy place to be...staying."
The woman drew her legss up to her
chest, wrapped them with her arms and
began to rock...
converted into some other type of building. Jillian is always on call to help Shawn who runs the local shelter. The mill had been home for many feral cats, so now he was being asked to move them. 

But when they went into the mill, they found a woman was also living there! As
Jillian talked to her, the engineer went on to investigate the building, but when they found a skeletal hand, everybody knew that was going to stop the project at least for awhile!

Penelope, head of the community council was working with the two financial groups that were looking at the Mill. One was the former family owner of the Mill who wanted to convert to condos, while another was looking toward shops and a variety of spaces. They knew Dustin, the engineer was scheduled to visit that day so Penelope on her own had scheduled  a tour! But nobody was going to tour...a new crime scene!

"She cam back. I knew she would."
"Boots is here. My sweet Boots..."
Boots? I blinked several times, Jeannie
said Boots came back....
I sat on the floor, too, but when what
had to be a hallucination curled into
the space created by my crossed legs, a
shiver ran up my spine. I peeked down
to my lap. Nothing there. Yet I felt as
if I could stroke this invisible cat--
she seemed that real...
By the next time Jillian and Dustin visited the mill, they had found Jeannie had fallen and needed to be taken to the hospital. Asked how it had happened, she said she was running from the creepers who came at night, which might or might not be true. This would be fortunate for the investigation of the skeleton--they assumed that the individual had been murdered since it was wrapped and surrounded by bricks. Everybody had a guess as to who it might be, but before that could be confirmed, Penelope had been murdered!

So now we had Jillian, who had had the smallest hand to reach in 
and find the skeleton at the mill...also was the one who found Penelope at her home, where she had been murdered...

One of the things I like about this set of characters is that Candace, the routine investigator for the local police is Jillian's best friend, so there is rarely friction during Jillian's nosing into the murder cases--most of the time. But, then, she is a smart woman who doesn't go off by herself or keeps people notified of where she's headed... Until the last time when she didn't have time to reach anybody...and was caught by the killer at the mill! 

The investigation had been going on for some time and everybody was getting anxious, especially those outside financial people who had been in town to tour the mill and discuss their plans.  Boots had decided to stay with Jillian and did make up with her two male cats who finally were playing and racing through the house. Whether the female could actually see Boots and just ignored her wasn't shared but my guess is she was fully aware that another cat had entered her domain...

But all three of Jillian's cats were grateful when Boots saves Jillian's life when she was confronted...and I'll only give you one clue... Feral cats are also afraid of ghosts!

If you haven't already read this one, Enjoy! And you might be just like Jillian and start believing, and then seeing a ghost cat who comes to the name of Boots!

I loved this one! Highly recommended!


I have been writing for more than twenty years and feel very lucky to have become a career writer. Many times I worked my day job as a nurse, wife and mom and then wrote well into the night. My books are "gentle mysteries" and my towns are populated with people I'd like to meet. Not that I "like" all those characters, I'd just like to meet them. There will be justice in the end and no animal will ever be harmed, only rescued. I hope you can escape into one of my stories.

Please note that I couldn't find too many pics of Boots...after all, most of the time she's invisible, so I added some ghost friends of hers, from the feral community... LOLEnhanced by Zemanta

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