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The Point by William E. Jefferson: Is It A Place, A Reality, Or Just The Word...

Introducing Tiptoe from The Point! 
Tiptoe lives in the barnyard on the Isle of Estillyen.
 The mother of several litters, Tiptoe is
 known for her stealth like mouse catching skills.
Tiptoe’s d├ębut is Chapter 11, titled – 
‘Speaker’s House and Destiny’. 
You might be surprised to discover Tiptoe looks
 after a frightened little pig named Spook. 
There is, I must say, a certain resemblance
with Grizabella from the musical CATS.

The Point:
The Redemption of 
  Oban Ironbout

By William E. Jefferson

Pictures to Complement Review
And, of course, Tiptoe had to be first...

I spent well over a week reading The Point. It was suggested...

But The Word Demanded It...While The Third Gently Whispered...

Sometimes the Blurb of a book does not even hint at the magnitude of impact that a book may make to readers. With a subtitle of The Redemption of Oban Ironbout, I was prepared to be told a story about a man...

Well, actually, I was--but it wasn't about Ironbout so much...

This book is about Jesus...You may know Him as the Son of God...

Those on the Isle of Estillyen have taken the time to know Him very well! In fact, you will be seeing the miraculous in relation to this man...Take, for instance, Mr. Kind...

"On Estillyen, the whole idea is about stilling, contemplation, reflection.
Those message makers are very much a mind of mission, they are> They
see words from ancient paths as pillars for the present, like you were saying
about your grandfather. Likely, your grandfather got the idea at Estillyen.
"What most folks don't know is that those message makers come onto the
mainland every six months and spend an entire week just listening and
observing. They discover what messages are floating around, filling the
"Strange in one way, but not in another. Lots of people are strange, I suppose.
I'm strange, I suppose. The monks spend an entire week on a kind of
message retreat, exchanging what they see and hear..."
He met Hollie and Goodwin as they reached and started in to Estillyen... You know, even now, after I've spent time on Estillyen, with the Monks, Hollie, Goodwin and all the others, I'm still not sure whether it's real...

History does record an Order of Monks as early as 1637 and I've seen photos of buildings talked about in the book...

But is there possibly--really--a place like Estillyen on this earth and in this time? I don't know, but I know I visited there during the last week...

And, the time that Mr. Ironbout had his accident, I became so agitated because when I turned the page, the story was continuing on! Well, yes, life does go on in the real life, but by that time, I was ready to have Goodwin right up there at The Point...or I figured that Trip might be brave enough to go down to the town and bring somebody back...
"They have a knack for sticking words together in ways
they don't normally run, to help you see things you
don't normally see. They make their words thought
. Yeah, I believe that's how they say it.
Thoughts are invisible. They need visibility to be
transferred. They need apparel. They have to be wrapped
in words..."
But it was impossible to consider that Oban Otto would have to spend the night under that old "appendage..." Even now, tears come to my eyes in worry...

But I'm getting ahead of myself, forgive me... Needless to say, William E. Jefferson has a gift in creating characters that become so real that you are caught in their lives immediately!

What is fascinating about the book though, is The Word--or the Words that talk, explore and meander about The Word...

Confusing? Plan on being extremely confused if you don't pay attention in Estillyen! There, I can see I'm going to have to show you, so, along with a picture or two, I'll spotlight some of my favorite of those poetic words!

First though, let me highlight that most of the book is about attending "Readings." Think of it as something like a play in which both the actors and audience will participate.

Now, I was really thrown when the Devil was included in these readings. Hey, ever since I was a little girl, I refused to even acknowledge that guy by name! Remember that old children's song, I'm Going to Let It Shine? Wellll, I would never sing the third verse! You see, that name that I will not name is a name that I refused to say so that that name would never become a person to me--it was a name, just a word, a word not a name, because a word can't be a name if the word doesn't mean the name... And it can't be a name if you refuse to name that word... Why, I almost refused to share a quote from that which is not to be named... Hmmmm, I think a couple of the monks have got me talking like them! Fun, isn't it?!

"What Word sneezed on his disciples in private, they are to cough from the rooftops. The Third even came streaming down and set fire on the heads of a whole group of fleshies. The third is supposed to help the Word's core band to remember everything the Word taught 'em."
"This is the deal. Listen! This is Lucifer speaking. The Word is the center of this whole trumped-up enterprise. He's the one who is supposed to be remembered. It's the Word's words the Third is to bring to remembrance. It all revolved around the Word. Anyone who is for the Word is against us.
"So, what do we do! We do anything and everything that is possible to undermine the Word's words. With me, the impossible does not exist. I've never seen it; I don't know it.

"Hi, my name is Epic. or Narrative, or Story...or any other word that relates to telling a message..."

"The present is history's living patch, abiding between the future and the past. The present has paths to both, but is owned by neither. The present daily reaches, stretching for the future, yet with each passing hour it surrenders and slips into the past. Each forward grasp is matched by what must be released. The past, with a force unstoppable, gobbles at the present, pulling in those words no longer to be heard.
"There are, however, words of exception. Though swept into the past's vast repository of was, they do not sink. Instead, they float like buoyant byoys, calling, reminding, warning. Words of exception they are, ringing out with meaning, beauty, and provocation. Such words have a knack, a way of reemerging in the present sphere. Although into the past they've truly swept, they can't be held or smothered away. They keep casting lines that draw them back into present time.
"History records notable figures who have managed this remarkable feat of casting lines that speak out in time. There is one figure, however, whose words and lines are so incredible that the present daily plies them to chart its future course. Like ocean waves, His words wash upon the shores, filtering eternal truths through present's sandy beaches..."

The basic story line is that Goodwin and Hollie have come here for personal time to ponder, to think, especially about Hollie's recent health diagnosis. Goodwin's grandfather had talked so much about the place and the man, Mr. Ironbout, that Goodwin had drawn a picture of his home. Years have past and still the house has haunted Goodwin with a need to see it himself. But Mr. Ironbout has since lost his family, all of his sheep and has turned against the outside world, having only dogs for company. The nuns and Monks and other neighbors have attempted to bring him back into the community but have been turned away, even with things thrown at them to get them to leave!

His home, however, is on The Point, a place so beautiful that there has been a hope to allow the property to be used by those that come to Estillyen for retreats. Nobody has gotten through...except Goodwin...and then Hollie. This in itself is a beautiful story. Is it the centerpiece of the book? Perhaps, Perhaps not. It depends upon how you read the remainder, the majority of the book...

There is something about Estillyen that is like coming home--sitting in a chair that has "the chips and nicks of your life" or perhaps even from when your grandparents or great-grandparents lived. There is a feeling of welcome, love, and closeness...perhaps you felt it a long time ago, when you first heard The Word. But it has slipped into your past life, forgotten, or been purposefully neglected...

As you start to read, perhaps you felt that you were at the beginning of a long walk. Yes, that's how I felt, and so I did take the time to read and get involved with each reading, that begins right at the beginning when the guy who will remain nameless for me, first started to talk to Adam and Eve...Then to Jesus in the wilderness, to Moses... there is much discussed and the last reading is just for you to read...

The sun has set at Estillyen, but all the characters, including One the one-legged duck and other animals, the Monks, the Nuns and all the town people. Mr. Kind even showed up at the end and sent his cane to Mr. Ironbout...I told you he had an accident and really needed it...but I don't want to go through that horrible time again. Trip did help, by the way, because he cleaned out the wound and helped it heal much more rapidly...

Myself, I would love to travel to Estillyen, again and again. Where is it? Well, I leave it up to The Third to remind me daily... Sometimes it's In the Garden, or On a Hill Far Away where An old Rugged Cross Stood...
I never know where The Third will take it was to Estillyen... Are you coming?


William Jefferson, founder of Port Estillyen Productions and author of the breakthrough new novel, The Point - The Redemption of Oban Ironbout, has spent his professional career advancing Scripture mission programs through diverse forms of media. After 25 years of strategic leadership on behalf of well-known Bible societies and evangelizing organizations, Jefferson is uniquely positioned to present Scripture's ancient truths, in a modern context of media and culture.

Prior to authoring 'The Point', Jefferson helped to structure and implement global initiatives and programs for prominent organizations such as the American Bible Society, United Bible Societies, the International Bible Society (Biblica), and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He holds an M.Th. in Theology and Media from the University of Edinburgh and an M.A. in Communications from Wheaton Graduate School.

With his novel, The Point - The Redemption of Oban Ironbout, Jefferson shares much of the wisdom that he has gleaned during his career: that words matter, that every human being has innate worth, and that Christ alone is the perfect union of Medium and Message.

William Jefferson's preferred title is simply "Message Maker." He writes from his rural home in the Ozarks, where he lives with his wife, Lois, and Border collie, Archie.Related articles
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