Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tell Him "Glenda Sent Me!"

Fans are demanding more background stories about Talanov during his KGB years (when he was a spy for America), 

In response, a Talanov novella will be published early next year. The title is The Spanish Agenda, and it originates from an anecdotal comment made in Greco’s Game.  
Talanov knew it was his own fault that he was in this predicament. If only he’d not gotten involved with Tash, the whore who had drugged and robbed him. If only he’d done what he set out to do, which was retrieve his wallet and leave. But no, he had to stick up for her and place his entire future in jeopardy. What the hell was he thinking?
            Andrea would have stuck up for her, and in his former days, before her murder, he would have, too. In those days, he cared. These days, he did not. So why had he made such a stupid decision? Why had he gotten involved? It wasn’t simply because she was a woman. Well, maybe, partly. She was, after all, being picked on by a much bigger man. So maybe that was part of it, although not all of it, because he had once shot a woman in Spain who was trying to kill him, and she would have if he’d hesitated...                                                Greco's Game  Chapter 4                                                                                   

BUT...some readers will not have to wait! Here's what James Houston Turner says!

A free eBook copy of this novella will be sent to about one hundred people who will agree to read it and then post a comment on Amazon prior to its general release. Thumbs up or down, short or long – it doesn’t matter. Participants can say anything they want.  My goal: to get people talking.  My gamble: that people will like it!

This special offer is being provided to readers of Book Readers Heaven during October

Respond with a “Yes” (plus your email address) via my website contact page:  

Depending on response, we may have to limit the number chosen. If selected, early in 2013, they will receive a FREE eBook copy of The Spanish Agenda. All I ask in return is that participants read it and post their comments on Amazon. That’s it.

Well, almost.

Because I am also asking those bloggers who helped me on my 2012 virtual tour, I have decided to turn this into a contest, which means whoever helps me acquire the most readers will get a book character named after them in either novel #3 of my Talanov thriller series – Dragon Head – or #4 – “Book X” (the story is outlined, but I am withholding the title for now).  All your readers need to do is say, “Glenda sent me,” in the comments section of my contact page before clicking “Submit”.  That way, you will be credited.  It’s my way of making this a fun exercise while expressing my thanks. 

BTW, I NEVER share email addresses with anyone. Never. And my only purpose here is to be able to offer free eBooks, occasional news updates and special offers to readers. There will be no "selling" or flood of emails. That's a promise.

James Houston Turner

Sooo, here's my request to my Readers from Talanov...

I have a gun...and I will use it!

Click over right now and include Glenda Sent Me


I'll be...back...

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  1. G'day Glenda! Mate, we had some wonderful responses from your followers and a number have signed up to read a free copy of the story when it comes out in early 2013. PLUS, because of your awesome page here, I am excited to report that "Glenda Bixler" will be one of the Federal agents readers will meet when they tuck in to the story. THANK YOU for getting the word out, Glenda. Some exciting updates are coming out soon!
    Best always,
    James Houston Turner