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Paranormal Suspense Taken To Highest in Aaron Paul Lazar's Latest! Free Today!

Sam took a second look at the dead woman, 
then stared at her face.
Memories pricked at him, urging him to remember.
The long braid. The square jaw. The arched eyebrows.
 The pouty lips. God damn it.
He knew this woman. Or he had known her, years ago.
Decades ago. Something about the curve of her cheek
 niggled at his memory banks, pushing him back,
back in time. He reached back, digging into his past.
Why did she look so familiar? He scanned her body again,
this time taking in the chunky topaz ring
on her right hand. With a start, he moved closer
 and studied it. Good God.
He recognized the amber topaz. Remembered it
flashing over his body as the woman had purred atop him
and stroked him into oblivion.
It had been a sexual nirvana, the hottest night of his young life.
 Spring break. Senior year of medical school. Miami.
The weather had hung heavy with humidity,
making breathing difficult and
movement an instant sweat bath.
His friends had met up with three willing coeds
 and pushed him into the arms of this girl
 the night they arrived.
While his friends balled their brains out
in their respective rooms, eliciting shrieks
 and ungodly screams from their nubile partners,
Sam tried to get to know his “date.”
They’d talked about politics, music,
organic foods, and books.
She’d been interested in the occult
and chatted animatedly about her Ouija board.
He especially remembered her crystal green eyes.
I really was a nerd. So scared.
So inexperienced. Especially for my age.

For Keeps

By Aaron Paul Lazar

In the latest Moore Mystery, Aaron Paul Lazar has made it a little racy, lots more personal, and quite, quite lovely... When Lazar uses magic, he uses it to the ultimate! Paranormal Fantasy at its finest...

And that's just about all I'm going to say about it...Unbelievable! But, quite, quite lovely...

Sam Moore, hopefully, is not a new character to many of you. But, just in case, he is a retired doctor, married and father of two...

Or, at least that was true until creative genius Lazar wrote For Keeps...

Because our beloved husband and father once had a very racy interlude. He had told his wife,Rachel, about it, but he certainly wasn't prepared to have that woman appear in his life about 20 years later!

Especially dead...

Sam had been called by long-time friend and coroner to the scene of the murder. Lou had noticed that his name had been circled in the telephone book lying open near the bed and decided to get him there to have a "heads-up" before the police discovered there was a link.

Sam wasn't quite sure he remembered Ginger as she looked that day, but then saw a piece of jewelry that reminded him of the fling he'd had during his one and only spring break... Ginger had been engaged and had told him that they could only be together during that vacation, though Sam had been interested in much more...

But soon he had met the real love of his life and been happily married since then...

In the meantime, he had a connection with the murder and Lou wanted to discuss the case with him over a meal...or two... But Sam was downright jumpy to talk to her because Lou had admitted to having a huge crush on him in college and was touching him with no apparent reason when they met...

Rachel and he talked about it and Rachel suggested they stop and see her; Rachel staying in the car so that he could rush in, clear things up and get back out quickly. Sam saw Lou's car still at the morgue, but the janitor indicated nobody was there. Sam searched and finally found her--dead!

A green marble is the conduit for the paranormal magic in this series. The marble connects Sam with his deceased brother Billy. The problem was that usually Billy took him into a scene from the past to give clues to Sam, so that he must always be alone to talk. There had been a number of times Billy had been trying to get his attention, but Sam had not been able to respond to him..

That had happened the day he went home and found that a third murder had occurred...and all seemed to be connected to Sam himself! Suddenly, he couldn't take it any more!

Aaron has a special way with all his books, building his characters around family life, relationships and familial love. Readers become well acquainted with his characters, especially if they follow the series. I had missed the reading the last book and was constantly seeing the effects of that omission in Beth's life especially. You can bet I'll be backtracking to catch up!

There are expanded paranormal activities in For Keeps and a new character with prescient skills, which could lead to fascinating events in the future, especially since she already knows about Sam and Billy! I think every time I read the latest from Aaron Lazar that I pick it as my "very favorite" but knowing him, he's just going to make me repeat that phrase over and over. So I'll just close with the fact that there is a reason why I love all the books by Lazar... His books are like potato chips, you can't read just one before you want to reach for another!

Add this author to your "Fav" list like I have!


Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. The award-winning and bestselling Kindle author of three addictive mystery series, Aaron enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys.

Visit his website at and watch for his upcoming Twilight Times Books releases, ESSENTIALLY YOURS (MAR 2012), TERROR COMES KNOCKING (FEB 2011), FOR KEEPS (MAY 2012), DON’T LET THE WIND CATCH YOU (APRIL 2012), and the author’s preferred editions of DOUBLE FORTÉ (FEB 2012) and UPSTAGED (JUNE 2012).

Writing Credits:
In addition to receiving publishing contracts for Double Forte', Upstaged, Tremolo, Mazurka, Healey's Cave, Firesong, Terror Comes Knocking, For Keeps, For the Birds, Essentially Yours, and Don't Let the Wind Catch You, Aaron writes "Seedlings," a monthly column featured in the Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine (FMAM) and literary newsletter "Voice in the Dark." Many books follow these in the publishing queue.

His articles on writing have appeared in Absolute Write, and his short essay, "Word Paintings" was included in the 2007 Bylines Writers' Desk Calendar. Check out the Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine for the flash fiction piece, "Follow the Leader" and visit his blogs at and Aaron was the Saturday Writing Essential host 2007-2009 and keeps all of his reviews, essays, and writing articles at

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