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A Different Kind of Review: Chablis Guest Reviews from The Cat, The Wife and The Weapon!

"I'd called Mercy's only vet as I sped to his office. The white-
haired Doc Jensen met me in the waiting area and immediately
took the half-conscious Dashiell from my arms. He headed
through a door to the back of his clinic. Tom's cat was in expert
hands now and I felt my shoulders slump in relief.
"Where's Tom?" the receptionist, Glenda asked.
"She was a fairly new employee, always cheerful--a caring,
sweet lady with highlighted hair who wore colorful, pet-themed
scrubs and always had manicured nails with painted-on paw
"I--I'm not sure." I said, "But I'll pay, if that's what I need to do.
I left my purse in my van." I started toward the exist.
"Wait, honey," Glenda said. "You don't have to be concerned
about money now. First we have to get our Dashiell shipshape...

The Cat, The Wife
 and The Weapon
   Look what the cat dragged in...

A Cats in Trouble Mystery

By Leann Sweeney

OMG! It was just like I was watching a soap opera! Excuse me, I'm just a little nervous to be here at Book Reader's Heaven. I'm the shy one in the family and often am not in the thick of things happening, but since I was selected I'll try to represent the latest Cats in Trouble Mystery by LeAnn Sweeney. I'm told this is only the second book read by our host, but she's thrilled to add another series to her huge cat mystery collection! She even pulled out a small quilt for me to lay on while I visited! Sooooo, purrrrrrfect for me...

We had just gotten home from...yet another quilt and cat show trip. These things are just so boring since we have to travel in cages and be soooo careful around all the quilts, with nobody willing to allow us to stretch and dig our claws in! Anyway, we were finally home and eating out of our own bowls, in our own kitchen...

     Who's we? Well I live with Jillian Hart and two friends--Merlot and Syrah... and, Oh, I'm Chablis! I'm sure you'll get to meet everybody sometime in the future, but right now I just wanted to relax and check that nothing is changed.

That just wasn't going to be possible, though, 'cause we all knew that Mom was upset. She had not heard from her friend, Tom, during the last part of our trip. She talked with Kara, her step-daughter, and found he had told her that he had to be away for a few days. We knew what was next! She got back into the car and drove to Tom's house, telling us to stay home and nap while she was gone. Of course, we had already planned to do just that once we finished dinner! Mom made each of us our own quilt which she keeps at the foot of her bed and serious nap time like we needed would ensure we all went there to feel safe and secure...

Mom was so upset when she got back and shared what had happened. There was a stranger in Tom's house and he looked like he was acting as if he owned the place. He said he was Tom's half-brother, but Tom had never mentioned him so she didn't quite believe him. Then it got worse for all of us, because the man had allowed Dashiell to get out of the house!

Dashiell had diabetes and needed constant care...

And Tom's supposed brother hadn't even been out hunting for him! Mom went out and finally found him, out cold, and rushed him to the hospital after rubbing his gums with Karo syrup (she's such a wonderful, caring individual)! Notice that he get's an "excerpt" just because of the new receptionist, Glenda! But I won't say anything, since I'm a guest here at BRH...Ok, my eyes may say something different in that pic above, but, really, that's alright, Mom really was concerned about Dashiell and how he'd been treated!

Well, soon Tom caming walking in our back door and Mom got so excited because, first, he was here, but then, because he had clearly been beaten...

Then, they bring home a young man who was introduced as an "almost" official step-son of Tom with Yoshi, OMG, a rat terrier!

Please forgive me, I do get soooo upset with changes...and can you imagine how I hated hearing that howling, although Mom was enjoying talking to him...

But I digress...Tom had been kidnapped and taken out of state and beaten by the new husband of his ex...mainly because he had once been a cop and Tom had arrested him...Now he was out and had been once again living with Tom's ex, Hilary, and her son, Finn. Finn had left home, now at 18, and had come to find Tom and hopefully, stay there until he could deal with his future. Didn't I tell you it was like a soap opera?!

But then Hilary's husband winds up dead in Tom's car and there is evidence that Finn had been in the car as well, although he doesn't remember it. Tom and Mom had found Finn walking on the streets and rushed him to the hospital where they discovered he'd received a blow to his head...

Now, though, both Tom and Finn were under suspicion of killing Hilary's husband!

And Bob and him mother get into the act when money comes into the picture!

All this drama was just too, too much for me and I spent a lot of time in our bedroom...but I just know that you readers will enjoy helping to follow the twists and turns that leads to the solution of this "crazy-cat" quilt mystery (I took that description from the name of a friend I met at the Vet's office one day...) and I've been told to say that this is BRH Highly Recommended! for cat, dog, and mystery lovers alike!

Thank you so much for inviting me!

I have been writing for more than twenty years and feel very lucky to have become a career writer. Many times I was working my day job as a nurse and then writing well into the night. My books are "gentle mysteries" and my towns are populated with people I'd like to me. Not that I "like" them all, I'd just like to meet them. There will be justice in the end and no animal will ever be harmed, only rescued. I hope you can escape into one of my stories.
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  1. Thank you SO much for inviting Chablis to review the story. She is not as "active" as her friends Merlot and Syrah, but she provides Jillian Hart with lots of comfort! What a great page and thanks again!!

    Leann Sweeney--who just finished the latest Cats in Trouble book and it's now in production!

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