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Review: Welcome Bitten Twice On Your Blog Tour!

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A Blood Moon

Macedo Ink Series

By Bitten Twice

After a historical introduction to her main character, Alexander the Great, it was interesting to move forward for more than 2000 years and find that this well-known Macedonian leader was still in the prime of his life, looking to be just past 30, perhaps?

Was that enough of a clue to let you know he is now a vampire? Well, actually, he is now much more than that, but you'll have to learn about that while reading A Blood Moon, of the Macedo Ink Series, by Bitten Twice. Not having read too many recent vampire books--I was grateful that the author included so much detail about the more modern vamps. In fact, since Alex was an ancient, he was just introduced to drinking his blood from a bottle--normally he went to bed with his meal...

A Blood Moon (Macedo Ink Series)Lina, a very old friend of Alex had come to town. She had been out clubbing with a friend who was helping her back to her secure place when they were attacked, her friend killed.

Alex had also been at a club when he decided to stop and visit Jacqui (Jack) who he had saved from being forced to marry a demon. Now he was interested in getting closer to her, but she had found him in bed eating. He was still trying to figure out how to convince her that "he had to eat!" Alex was known as Xander to Jack and her assistant Samantha.

Unfortunately for Xander, when he arrived at Jack's office, she had a visitor and he was in the midst of trying to get closer to her--so Xander left, only to stumble into Sam, who immediately let Jane know that he had been there and seen what was going on.

It was quite obvious that Alex and Jack are both interested, but before they could get things totally worked out,  Catalina shows up at Alex's home and explained aout her being attacked.

Now Lina is quite an interesting character. She is a Prince in her own realm, the daughter of a King. She was also betrothed to Alex hundreds of years ago...and actually within this story, marries him, while allowing Jack to continue in Alex's his familiar (which is not just an animal I learned for the first time).

Now there are many more characters, and many different types of beings that you will be meeting. You will also be visiting the three realms of the world, with most of the action in that lower realm where Lina has decided to reclaim her seat as Prince with Alex joining her.

But the demon who has sat in place of The Prince is not willing to have that happen and the trouble begins to happen, including against Alex and Jack!

When Jack is attacked and saved, an entirely new role is defined for her and moves the book forward to war that pulls players from all three realms...with lots of magic! For instance, Lina's blood-red dress on the front cover is alive and the red blood color is because...well, it is real blood, so that when the dress is worn in battle, it flows out to absorb the blood from those who had lost it... A bit ghoulish? Still, you've got to admit it creates a wonderfully vivid scene to imagine!

Bitten Twice includes all the players, each looking to win the man who continues as Alexander the Great, on their side and in their realms...and does an excellent job of setting us up for the next book in the series!

Who knows where that will lead--notice that she wears a scarf wound tightly around her neck...will she share how her name became Bitten Twice in some future book--or perhaps she is already a character, telling her own story. But which character is she?

Readers, you know who you are! Fantasy and SciFi Readers! Fans of vamps, weres, demons and all those creatures who scare us as they appear as humans at one time, only to reveal the monsters within at some point! You will find the link to Macedonian history an intriguing twist to the constant battle between good and evil...

What I want to know is--what's up with Lina? She loves that red dress, but why did she give Jane a cross necklace??? I think I've been hungry for more...

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Thanks so much to Bitten Twice for visiting. Please feel free to comment and we will make sure that the author sees all...

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  1. It was great touring with your book!! I fell in love with the characters and enjoyed them very much. I am looking forward to more! You definitely have another fan in me. =)

  2. This book is only the beginning, a great beginning and I look forward to the next installment. Great review!

    Elizabeth Loraine, author Royal Blood Chronicles

  3. Nora and Elizabeth...just wanted to thank you for your feedback. Hope to hear from you again!

  4. Good Afternoon and I apologize for my tardiness to the blog.

    @GABixler - Thank you so much for hosting today's blog stop. Love the pic of the sexy General.

    @Nora it is great to see you and thank you so much

    @Elizabeth is right. "A Blood Moon" is just the beginning I drafted outlines in the teens for future books in this series. The next, "As Blood Rages" targeted for release in the mid of this year.