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Review: Combine Ghost Whisperer With Six Feet Under - Get Sadie Witt Mysteries!

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A Sadie Witt Mystery

By Beth Solheim

Sadie Witt is hilarious--ok, admittedly it is her outlandish outfits and hair that got me laughing; but there is so much more. When I thought of our beautiful Ghost Whisperer on television and then of Sadie, well, you just have to start making comparisons. Still, she is my age, and I fully empathize with her desire to be all that she can be! Still, buying a hearse for the resort shuttle is even too much for me.

Now one thing Sadie is not is a whisperer. Although she keeps her activities a secret from her neighbors, she does not hesitate to talk to them--the "crossers"--wherever she meets them. So, in her community, she is seen as eccentric--maybe even crazy--since nobody else can see she is actually talking to somebody.

Jane is her twin, although they do not look alike, nor act alike, for that matter. In fact, even though she knows her sister has visitors in their home, she is quite adamant that they keep their home in normal conditions. For instance, Jed, their latest crosser died in the hospital, so he was still wearing his gown--you know, the ones that leave you BA? So Jane is naturally appalled when Jed sits on her chair with a BA, and quickly goes for her cleaner... On the other hand, Jane keeps the remains of her dead love on the table, where everybody talks to him--including the closers!

Outwitted (A Sadie Witt Mystery)Next door to the resort is a funeral home, recently taken over by Nan and her son, who also happens to have been selected to help the crossers find their way--not that he enjoys it. Especially when a young girl comes and chooses Aanders to befriend.

Sally doesn't know she's d-e-a-d...She's trying to find one of her parents. Now Sally is a child so she wants to play and is always running off, normally with Belly, the dog that nobody claims but that sleeps with Jane and of course can see the dead.

Jed is a very nice man and is not quite sure why he hasn't already crossed over, but Sadie is positive that it has to do with his sister having disappeared years ago and never been found. So they begin to search out details of the old mystery. In the meantime, the police are trying to find at least one of Sally's parents who had been separated. Jed takes over the care of Sally when Aanders or Sadie is not around.

And Sadie is gone fairly often, since she is also a helper for the funeral director. Of course, Nan forces Sadie to change clothes when an actual event is taking place there.

Oh, one other thing is taking place in town. Everybody is upset because a baby has been kidnapped from the local hospital!

And I'm not even going to go into the fact that Sadie set up a date online for Jane and he arrives at the resort for the weekend... 

While Sadie and the other do a lot of investigating that brings them closer to solving all the mysteries, it is actually Sally (and Belly) who solve the cases! How Cool!

By the way, in case you are around the area of Northern Minnesota and find yourself at the Sadie and Jane's resort, ahhhh...don't accept Cabin 14...

I loved it. Combining death and ghost closers into one series, adding humor, is so much fun. Add the routine characters, plus the closers that pop in to each novel and you are bound to find it quickly addicting. The series started with At Witt's End, so I'll have to go back and pick that one up...I don't want to miss any of this series!

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  1. Thank you so much for the great review. I'm glad you enjoyed Sadie. She's
    quite the character.

    Beth Solheim