Monday, November 17, 2008

Songha - The Savannah Cat!

The Adventures of Songha:
The Amazing Savannah Cat
By Linda R. Caterine
ISBN: 978-1-4343-8361-7
66 Pages

Cat-Lover Alert! Check out The Adventures of Songha by Linda R. Caterine and bow to the beauty of “The African Queen!”

With a beautiful cover featuring Songha by Robert Knight and fascinating sketches by William Dye throughout the book, Linda Caterine has created both an informative and exciting children’s book. If you are a cat lover, like I am—you’ll love it, no matter what age!

Songha is a Savannah cat, who comes from Kalahari, an African desert. Her father, Rafu Dubwana, who, now lives in America, is an African Serval Leopard. Once breeded, his daughter, Songha became “one of a kind.” This is her story!

If this story is not totally true, it is this reviewer’s guess that it is “almost” true and based upon the antics of Songha. You see, there is one important thing that differentiates Songha. She is half-wild and even though her mother was domesticated, her “wild side” just has to come out some time!

So, although she is greatly loved by her human family and by her companion, Simba, who also has a leopard ancestry, Songha has one great desire—to run free and learn about her kingdom! And, indeed, on every occasion possible, she has managed to escape her home!

First, she had to meet George, a long-haired gray Persian, who wanted nothing to do with Songha—not that Songha cared much, except she had seen that the Persian was able to go in and out of the house through a small door! Songha planned on going through that door as well! In fact, she had been quite perturbed to know that George was able to go out, while, she the Queen, was not!

At last Songha made it through the door! But then she was caught by a shape-shifter! The next time, she met Jacques Cousteau and with his guidance, she met everybody in the neighborhood, who later became her friends...and subjects of her kingdom...

Why? Because they saw or heard about her amazing skills—she could do things that none of them could do! And, because she had saved them from “El Diablo!”

Caterine entertains us with poetry and prose as she shares the adventures of Songha:

...No one has seen him to this day
And no one knows his fate,
And now my little Kingdom’s safe
There are no more complaints
El Diablo is a “Legend”
And my friends think I’m a “Saint...”

This rare exotic cat will win your heart! She may retain some of that wildness, but who among us does not admire and rejoice in seeing the great cat beasts of the world. This one of a kind cat, now “somewhat” domesticated has much to give to human families.

Come, learn of the Savannah cat—in The Adventures of Songha by Linda Caterine. This would be a wonderful holiday gift for your children...and plan on reading it for your own enjoyment! I know I did!

G. A. Bixler

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