Monday, November 3, 2008

Peaceful Endings - A Nanotechnology Thriller!

Peaceful Endings:
The Noposam Project
By Michael K. Tucker
Outskirts Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9781432727390
333 Pages

Michael K. Tucker's first novel, Peaceful Endings: The Noposam Project hits us exactly where it hurts! He explores our own lives and presents us with a powerful "what-if" novel that will leave you, if not frightened, then a much-more cautious person! For readers, he presents an exciting suspenseful medical thriller that will keep you on edge from the first page `til the last!

Though the prologue lets us know that the government is going to be involved, I was nevertheless caught when the story begins in the life of Doug Talbot, a news videographer at WJAM TV-16 and Dr. Marilynn Harwell from Coventry General Hospital who accidentally sit together to eat lunch due to the lack of seating. Later they are identified as terrorists; simply because of that chance lunch--of course, Talbot's random filming of a covert conversation may have identified him as a problem as well!

Unfortunately, Doug Talbot again met Marilynn Harwell when he carried his young, very sick daughter into Coventry General for emergency treatment. She was just one of hundreds who had become ill and/or already died. The strange thing was that the involved individuals had been fine until a small accident had occurred--for instance, a hairbrush falling on a girl's toe had led to her death!

As Dr. Harwell faced the emergency situation, she sought help from the medical examiner who was being inundated by the many bodies of individuals who had been found already dead. But he had not yet been able to determine if there was any consistent reason for the deaths.

Until Dr. Harwell had him check at a specific place on their bodies...

There were a number of individuals who knew what had really happened. But when General Thomas Uxbridge, head of the SIA, was called on to advise the president, he told him that terrorists had freed a B-Thrax virus into the United States. Talbot and Harwell appeared to be the leaders!

The amazing and frightening thing was that the evidence developed by Uxbridge against the two was so convincing that nobody even questioned him!

Talbot and Harwell really had no choice. They were forced to verify that Dr. Harwell's discovery was correct and to trace how and what could be done to stop the ongoing deaths. But when the medical examiner, while on the phone with Dr. Harwell, was killed, they knew they were running for their lives!

If you don't know what nanotechnology is--you might want to check it out! It's being used today in many scientific fields. Michael Tucker has taken us to the dark side of this technology--shown us what is possible when evil men gain control over something that is created to help mankind. In doing so, he has created an exciting, suspense-packed medical thriller!

Read it--if you dare...

G. A. Bixler

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