Monday, November 17, 2008

De Marco Empire - Melodrama on every page...

De Marco Empire
By J. Lou McCartney
Pegasus Publishers
ISBN: 9781843864394
345 Pages

Do you enjoy following the lives of the rich and famous? Are you a fan of soap opera dramas with the many characters sharing slices of their everyday life? Then De Marco Empire by J. Lou McCartney is presented for your reading enjoyment!

Katie Saunders, together with best friend, Lucy, were heading out to celebrate Lucy's birthday. When they couldn't get into the new and prestigious Club La Pregheira, Lucy pulls Katie through the long line, explaining that they were there to work. Once inside, they were caught in her lie and decided to go ahead and ask about employment. Both were beautiful women and were hired, but they were given that first evening to enjoy the place and get to know how things were done.

It was that night that Katie and Antonio De Marco briefly met. But it was to be a perfect match--though their relationship was to be riddled with the melodrama typifying the life of a successful businessman with a gangster background and drug and criminal connections.

Soon both Katie and Lucy were working and happy in their new positions as waitresses. Both were personable and were bringing in good tips. Katie was involved with Matt, Lucy's brother, but as is often the case, Katie was not as committed as Matt, so that when Antonio started his seduction, it didn't take much to persuade her! Of course, she was unaware that Matt had been threatened a number of times to "stay away."

Worried about Katie, he had no choice but to do as he was told--he feared for their lives!

Of course, his decision was good, even though he knew nothing about the reality that routinely occurred when somebody crossed the De Marco brothers. For instance, there was the manager of one of their nightclubs that had been caught involved with drugs and local drug lords--he was now dead, and the woman who had "snitched" was now supervising the waitresses at La Pregheira, much to the chagrin of everybody else who worked there!

Even Veronica who managed La Pregheira could not understand why Gianni, Anthony's brother and partner, had insisted she be placed in this important position. But Veronica had her own secrets--she was allowing the waitresses to develop a little "side action" for which they were all being well compensated. Veronica was well on her way to saving a nice nest egg until Gianni found out--even though he didn't shut her down, rather he just took part of her share!

Gianni was into just about anything that came along, including as many women as he could seduce--at least until he was officially married. He truly loved his fiancée and had every intention of being faithful. He was happy to see that Antonio and Katie were also becoming more involved and they often joined as a foursome at the club...

Until his fiancée was murdered... And more and more deaths follow!

Until years later, Anthony and Katie have finally decided to proceed with their wedding, only to be stopped once again, by murder!

As can be expected, there are many suspects, many individuals who could have been responsible, not to mention all the others who meet the same fate during the day-to-day events surrounding the De Marco brothers!

Readers will follow the trail of each vignette of the many characters within the Empire, trying to work out exactly what has happened! Afterwards, why not take your copy of McCartney's De Marco Empire as your pass, and stop by at La Pregheira--everybody's dying to get to know you!


G. A. Bixler
For IP Book Reviews

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