Sunday, March 12, 2006

Early Read of Excerpt of Upcoming Novel!

Even though it’s been raining today, it was a good day…visiting the Lord’s House! I was privileged to sing one of the Gaither melodies that some of you may remember, There’s Just Something About that Name which includes a reading between singing it through twice. As Easter draws near, it is important that we remember that Jesus Lives!


With her permission, I am sharing a poem written by a new author friend of mine. Her next book will have the same title as the poem, Autumn’s Turning. So this is a special, early excerpt from that book. Isn’t it beautiful?

Mary Edwards

It is here, love, the evening of our days
How shall we spend it before the dark night laughs with autumn's turning, and winter bids us come?
We loved each other well, didn't we, in the morning of our youth? We worked, we laughed and played and shared remembered heartaches.
As we walked into noon, a child's laughter charmed the silence and together we looked upon the flower of our love.
But now the sun has gone to bed and we are sentenced to the night that runs on swiftly moving hours to claim our days
And wonder who will it be that waits to greet the other beyond that secret curtain
Would that we could go together and shorten the lonely journey while the night surrounds us
And autumn turns to winter and bids us sleep.
                                                                                                   - Mary


I’ve just received Mary’s second book, Elizabeth’s Choice, and will be reading it this week. Come back to check my review!


Bullets and Bandages by Robert Saniscalchi has also come and will be next for a review. This book is based on true events from the Vietnam War, as told to the author by his brother. Perhaps because this war was during my early years working, stories regarding that war has always captured my attention. This one should be completed within two weeks! Don’t forget to check back on this book, which is credited by USAF Retired Wayne A Whitehead, to be an accurate accounting and story about this "Hell."


I had the opportunity to read three uniquely different books recently and I want to share and recommend all of them to you!

Linda Fairstein, in The Deadhouse, wrote a suspenseful murder story against the backdrop of buildings erected on a small island in the East River outside of New York City, which provided an asylum, prison and a hospital for the terminally ill back in the 20’s. One of them was once called The Deadhouse and you'll find bodies are still taken there, even today!

The search for a murdered professor who was dumped into an elevator shaft leads DA Alexandra Cooper, working with detectives, to a college campus and on to the ancient, haunting buildings that are now being excavated and studied by various professors and students. In addition to the intriguing trail they follow to discover what happened, Fairstein has brought forth and highlighted a bit of New York history regarding the treatment of prisoners as well as patients in these horrendous facilities. She has achieved a blend of the old with the new that is not only informative but keeps you turning the pages.  Get this one soon!


Well, I finally met one! For those of us who are involved in the publishing business, we learn that there are few authors who break in big as a new writer. Meet Adam Fawer, whose first novel Improbable, has made it. The novel has already been translated into nine languages for sales internationally and as a paperback, his book came out with a neat little plastic cover that was filled with scientific symbols. Eye-catching and unusual, you bet! This, I thought, is what an author gets when published by Harper Torch! Okay, okay! It is good¾ maybe very good. But Great? I don’t know…I've been a reader of many other new novels which never were accepted by the major publishers and have enjoyed them much better…

Improbable is indeed unique with its main character being a mathematical genius who could ultimately figure the future using those skills! David Caine is also a compulsive gambler! He is also prone to epileptic seizures. With that combination, Fawer takes the reader into a maze of danger when various individual scientists decide that he may be a very important person…and he should have his head examined…literally! The interesting thing for me was the medical info regarding the differences in the brains of individuals who have epilepsy. The exploration of possibilities for these individuals were fascinating and chilling. Those interested in science should find this a must read!


Stuart Woods, in a 1994 paperback, L.A. Times, brought me another unique novel to explore. Consider a young boy who from childhood loved movies…and not much else. His background is as a member of the mob. But he escapes that, changes his name and heads for Hollywood, to become a producer. His expertise in undoubted and he is willing to do anything to succeed.

Woods has placed a sociopath as his main character. A likeable guy, until you get to know him! This romp through the making of pictures and the money-crunching behind them is an interesting tale. What is more interesting is the last scene. Shall we say that "hell hath no fury" like the victims of a sociopath? A very interesting read!

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