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Brilliant - Just Not For Me...

Sherlock Holmes in "The Adventures of She...
Sherlock Holmes in
"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"
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"We set up the checkpoint at that S on Route 94.
You can't see it coming for more than about a
quarter mile in either direction..."
"How are you?" "Have you been drinking?"...
Kai knew the drill.
"Yeah. Stuff like that. It's not rocket science.
If we have any doubt, we have troopers waiting on
the sides with Breathalyzers."
"So if it's not rocket science, how'd our guy get
"That's what I'm saying..."
The Warwick Files
Episode One: Checkpoint

J. M. Hoffman

There is no way that I could deny that this is a well-written tale of crime. Perhaps if I were a cop or true-crime aficionado sitting at a bar, sharing stories, I would have enjoyed it more. Apparently, each "file" will come out as an episode. For me, there was not enough story to the crime. Does that make sense? I hope so, because if you want to quickly get into solving a crime and enjoy the nitty-gritty details of how the mind of Sherlock Holmes or Columbo or other top cops automatically think to quickly figure out a whodunit--and hand it to you, then this is surely something you would enjoy.

I found, though, that for me, it really is the characters, the background, the setting, that fully surrounds the solving of the crime, that allows me to enter into and be part of the action rather than "just the facts, ma'am, just the facts..." So, decide who you are and choose, because this truly is a fascinating tale of murder and the crime's solution spun in just 36 pages.

Warrick is the town where Kai Goodman is Police Chief...and he is definitely one of those men who thereafter think they own the town...LOL

He also has some experience behind him, but don't be sure you know what that is by the time he solves this case...

Sooooo, after a drunk driver got through a checkpoint, the driver was then killed before he reached the town???

Chief Goodman declares that he will solve the crime, but he calls and gets Special Agent Brooks to come to town. Brook's not too please about this and immediately is wary of Goodman and who he really is to have such connections...

After interviews and brilliant thinking by Goodman, of course, the crime is solved...

And then Goodman goes through the steps by which he solved the case and explains everything to Brooks, as well as a couple of Russian women who were along for the ride...

Seriously, there is no way to share any more about the story and so there are really no twists or turns to keep you guessing.

I admit I was a bit bored...

Even while acknowledging the brilliance of  Goodman's crime-solving skills and hoping that, if I ever really need a police chief to help me, I'll have somebody like Kai Goodman...


Acclaimed as a "master raconteur" who writes with a "flair" (Times Literary Supplement of London), Hoffman authored two non-fiction books and contributed to over a dozen others before writing The Warwick Files.
In addition to writing and traveling the world speaking about his books, Hoffman has also directed a dance troupe, taught darkroom technique, and explored Patagonia on horseback. He lives just north of New York City.

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