Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Forbes - Dictionary.com Spotlights "Woman" As Word of the Year! And No Wonder!


You Know Folks, I already had this set of Videos selected for an article...When, this morning, I learned that !Woman! has been named as the most used, or searched for, word for 2022, I knew it was time...  Obviously I was not surprised! 

Not only did we have the world's oldest woman monarch die during the year, we now know that the word Queen, is originally related to the world woman. Check out the article, if interested in learning more about the selections!

We also had women in the news for either being placed in prison or those who were violently attacked for whatever reason and in whatever country... Or even attacked for speaking truth, like Liz Cheney...

Right now, I just want to spotlight all of the significant issues that bothered me the most! Obviously, the overturn of Roe Vs Wade was the instigator of millions of women speaking out about the loss of rights awarded years ago. In my opinion, this is NOT about abortion, it is about what women rights are needed to make them able to better deal with the issues they face daily. On the other hand, I DO believe that each woman, together with her doctor of her religious support system, has the right to CHOOSE what is the best options for her. And I truly believe that God does have a part in that decision...as He has given us Free Will - Our Own Will to choose...

Once I realized that and know of the impact of our choices, then I do not believe any religious leaders or governmental representatives have the right to take that away from us. I alone must face God's judgment for my own choices. God DOES NOT NEED legalities, pro or con, to be a part in consideration of abortion or any other thing we may choose to do. The only consideration I would use is how my decision may impact others... And, again, I believe that is part of Free Will to make those choices...


Being aware of how women are being treated in this last decade, especially, is important for all people, both women and men. Simply because the abuse and bias against women has risen during this same time period... I know, because I'll be sharing some of the issues I faced as a part of my Open Memoirs as issues are addressed in one way or another, in the news these days!

Having WOMAN as the Word of the Year just may be the turning point for the Nation and the World... For it tells me that women around the world are refusing to continue "to walk behind men..." either figuratively or in reality... I am not a feminist, per se, rather a woman who has learned that all people are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights...and that means women are equal, minorities are equal, et. al., and we need to learn how to accept that and not allow individual power-seeking authoritarians from preventing our equality in all things...

So, folks, I was thinking about how to close this out and was looking for a song, or two, to express my thoughts... When the following was pulled up by my search... As you all know, I've been very upset with how Christianity has been splintered - or perhaps it has always been this way? Anyway, I coulnd't understand how a man like Donald Trump could ever be considered as Chosen by God... Mainly because, many people I know also questioned this view, right?

So, I was talking to a friend one day and expressing my personal opinion about how King David had dealt with his daughter's rape...and, before that, that he had arranged the death of a woman's husband, so he could have her for himself... I was told, Bathsheba seduced him...

Kinda like blaming Hilary Clinton for Monica's act for her husband, then president... right?

For me, if we don't recognize what is truth, even in our faith, then are we going to willingly participate in God's plan for us? You know, folks, I spend a lot of time considering this... For instance, I find it appalling that Joe Biden cannot take communion because of his actions to support the needs of all in the nation, including women... minorities, and those who seek asylum in America... Personally, my thought is related to what would Jesus do? 

Let's see, He tells us to love our neighbors...that means to me everybody... In fact, Love is the most important word that Jesus puts into action... And when somebody does something that is wrong toward our neighbor, He doesn't lie and tell them that's ok, because they are Muslims, or Jews, or whatever they find a problem with that neighbor... In fact, when a woman was to be stoned for being a prostitute, Jesus spoke to the men, first, to ask about their own actions in stoning her.

Jesus knew why the woman was a prostitute...she needed money, I would guess, to live... Yet the supposed good people who would stone her as by the law, clearly would never stop and ask, Woman, do you need food, do you need shelter? For surely, we would like to help you not have to use yourself in order to live. May we offer you a way out of having to live as a prostitute?

Hey, let's face it, that's also like blaming the woman for all her johns who want to use her body, rather than helping her to eat or have shelter...or a decent-paying job! As we all know, it's always the prostitutes that are taken in to jail...NOT the Johns! Gotta wonder about these things, don't you? Or do you?

If you don't seek Truth? Can you really Love? Guess that's why God gave us Free Will... It's up to us to do what is right...and truth normally is part of that, in my personal opinion...

Father God,
Let Us Learn to Look to the Why?
Why are women abused/used by men?
Why are women unable to choose?
Why are women named as the evil one
For surely, there is something more than that Apple?
Why oh why are we forced to fight equality battles over and over and over?
Let Your Love Be the Driving Force
Not the Tool for Judgment...

God Bless Us All


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