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INSURRECTION! A Drake Cody Suspense Thriller!

Check out a short song about the January 6th Insurrection

Hearing the word Insurrection these days brings forth the memory of what happened in the United States on January 6th, 2021! It is a date that most of us will never forget--nor should we! Day by day we find out more about who was involved, exactly who planned the action, and what penalty will be placed on those who were involved.

The Big Lie... Continues...

Would you like to know more about what an insurrection really means to we as citizens who see such events happening? 

We know there are many groups, known as domestic terrorists who were involved that day: QAnon, Proud Boys, White Supremacists, and others such as the Oath Keepers who came dressed in militia garb and guns, with backup armory found in a nearby motel... They normally evolve when something happens that is not agreeable to specific individuals. Or, they could be just people who want to believe in "The Big Lie" that many republicans continue to support, even though it is not true... The Big Lie? The 2020 election was not a legitimate activity that resulted in the legitimate change of the president of the country.

Just how far does personal freedom go within a democracy? I can't think of anybody within my sphere of relationships that has not faced some type of problem that could have been handled better, either by a corporation or the government. When that happens, do we have the right, the duty to ourselves, to fight? Well, certainly. Yes, until at least we have tried every possible way to seek justice, or, at least peace within ourselves that we had tried.

Take, for instance, when, after over 37 years, I was suddenly without a position. I had taken out measures available to me and understood from my lawyer that to fight would cost more money than I could afford. I then proceeded to act on my own to apply for retirement... It should be noted that none within the institution, except in adversarial meetings had talked to me about options. Finally, I received a letter that my position had been other words, I had been fired. I just looked at the man who had hand delivered it to me and asked, why didn't you even talk to me--I've already filed for retirement. Still, I was glad, in a sad way, that I could say, I was fired without cause... Because of course, there was no reason upon which I was legally able to be dismissed... It was done purely by the bureaucratic crap that protected the institution. 

So, it was, when I retired that I immediately began another job that I came to love more than my many years where I had labored. Publishing and Book Reviewing.

But some, as many of us have come to know, are unwilling to move on--their narcissistic mindset that their self-importance is more important than anything else... including the lives of others. Thus, an insurrection occurred at the Capitol on January 6th...incited by and encouraged by our former president... and his willing supporters. This, folks, results in what has become the largest cause of deaths in America--domestic terrorism... 

Drake and the two paramedics with him were present to provide medical dignitary protection for the event’s main speaker, rocketing-up-the-polls presidential candidate, Minnesota senator Hayden Duren. The unusual addition of Drake as a hospital ER-based physician to the on-site medical team testified more to the anxiety of those up the ladder than need of his expertise. The paramedics with Drake were ninjas in pre-hospital emergency care. Russell had covered three US presidents’ appearances in the past, and Deb had seen everything in her twenty-year career. “I thought we’d be positioned closer to the senator so we could get to him quicker if needed,” Drake said. “I thought the same at my first one of these, but we need to maintain a buffer zone on these dignitary protection assignments,” Russell said. “If an explosion, weapons fire, or anything ugly happens, we can’t help the senator or anyone else if we’ve been blown to shit.” “Makes sense.” Drake leaned back, soaking up the blue sky and warm sunshine. If all went well, he could be home with Rachelle and the kids by late afternoon. “It’s definitely too nice a day to get blown to shit.” 
“America the Beautiful” began playing from the public address. A man in a suit walked on stage and approached the podium framed by the huge balloons tethered over and around it. “Welcome, everyone, to the celebration of the completion of our tremendous new pipeline!” Applause, boos, and shouts arose from the crowd. “This pipeline is not only delivering essential energy to power our country but also an inflow of jobs and money to the citizens of the state of Minnesota!” More applause and cheers with a few boos. The smiling man on the stage raised his hands. “As CEO of Fenbridge, I want to thank you and reassure everyone that we always have the environment and your safety in mind.” More boos and shouts sounded. “Without further delay, let me introduce Senator Hayden Duren. The senator was initially not a supporter of this project, but we appreciated and readily accepted the proposals he suggested. His plan reinforces our commitment to environmental safety and guarantees that the state of Minnesota’s conservation fund will receive millions of dollars every year the pipeline is in operation.” Applause came from both sides of the crowd. “Thank you.” Senator Duren smiled. “We live in contentious times, but the future is bright if we work together. Wisdom and kindness are required to—” 
BOOM! Balloons exploded outward from above the podium. Drake flinched. The senator dropped to the stage floor as people screamed. A white cloud descended from the center of the blast, enveloping the senator and stage in a dense fog. 
A second report sounded from the far side of the crowd and a larger white cloud spewed into the air. People ran screaming toward the parking area. 
“Let’s go. Our guy is in the middle of it,” Drake said...
This could be a ticket to hell. 

Author Tom Combs was one of the Americans who saw the Big Lie in action and the subsequent reactions by those who place personal freedom and lives of family beyond all else. Indeed, if you hear the story of what happened to Tolman Freid and his life, you will initially stand with Tolman, in understanding just how much he had lost--through the government process of
Eminent Domain.

In his fourth Drake Cody Suspense Thriller series (watch for more about the first three books soon), Combs creates an extremist viewpoint of the rights of Americans in relation to "the public good..." In fact, you may remember many news items about the Eminent Domain process taking private land from owners to be used to build a border wall, as demanded by the former president. Tolman Freid represents those individuals who lost land by the arbitrary acts of government officials, with no or little concern about the individuals who would be affected.

It is now 20 years later when Freid has initiated and acted to create an Insurrection against the government, citing demands related to Eminent Domain...and...more. In the state of Minnesota, Drake Cody is a physician of the ER and Cody takes the lead as domestic terrorist Freid and his crew take over the Emergency Room, after having bombed a nearby new petrochemical refinery which was being dedicated. Two different chemical bombs had been used, one of which was extremely toxic and was placed where the guest speaker would talk, a Senator who was being considered for nomination for president. He had been rushed to Memorial, as were others who had been brought in for possible exposure...

Staff members later felt guilt when they allowed Tolman Freid to walk into the ER as he posed as a federal hazardous materials oversight supervisor for the Midwest. Indeed the hospital had no equipment or procedures to prevent anybody who wanted to enter the area. So until they merged as a group within the ER, there was no way that an Insurrection was about to take place within the Memorial Hospital! 

Combs carefully presents local safety officers and support staff to show their effectiveness and expertise. The only limitations were that they had no control over what the Domestic Terrorists had planned! More importantly, I believe, was the author's effort in revealing that, while the leader of the group, might have had a justifiable complaint, once he and his crew were revealed, it was clear that (1) they had far too much experience in using instruments of destruction, including guns, bombs and chemicals, and (2) the majority of those involved really had no moral imperative and indeed, were clearly criminals even before this action was being planned. Even Freid realized that he would have to keep a close watch on his own people knowing that they would kill if anybody crossed them. Only Freid's brother, who was also an ex-con but a cult leader, would keep them under control... And as time went by, that proved to be a very difficult job. 

Cody was quick to realize that they couldn't wait for outside help. But those that remained within the ER had been stripped of any outside communication and any items that could possibly be used in defense not if...but...when...they would need to act to try to save themselves!

Only one thing might help. For whatever reason, Tolman viewed Cody as the leader of the medical team and wanted him to understand why he was right to act aggressively, killing with little hesitation or remorse for what he was doing... Tolman allowed Cody to call his wife--Freid's wife had been mentally affected by the loss that had taken place at their home years ago. Now Drake wondered how he could develop a message coded within that call to potentially coordinate inside and outside actions. But would Rachel be able to solve that message? At least he had been able to share for her to seek help...and enumerated those to whom she should go for that help...

But before that could happen, Freid had demonstrated his wrath at not getting action from the government, by blowing up an area with a dangerous acid sent out into a surrounding community! How many more had the terrorist planted before they started the events of that day?! And could they be found in time?

Cut from the headlines and placed within a site that has maximum threat to the sick and infirmed as well as the community, Tom Combs has presented readers with an excellent look into the minds of those who feel they have a right to strike back in murderous revenge for acts done against their personal freedom... For this alone, it is a must-read! 

But for a suspenseful medical thriller, this latest may be the most outstanding in helping millions of readers understand the minds and personalities of those who choose to act with extreme violence and become domestic terrorists, who are now considered the most dangerous threat to the United States...

I ask again, just how far does personal freedom go within a democracy? Many of us have seen the deep divide of those who cry Me, First! or My Opinion Above All Else! or, worse, believe the disinformation that is disseminated routinely by those who seek power with greed as opposed to seeking a way to provide support and help to those within our democracy. Consider how harshly those who've opposed wearing a lousy mask to prevent the spread of Covid have acted and we must realize! Sometimes the good of all MUST take priority over our individual concerns for personal freedom!

Democracy Cannot Stand Alone Against Domestic Terrorists!

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