Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Things He Never Did - Painting by Walter Jack Savage and Hermit by Regis Aiffrey! Dynamic Duo!

This is my first attempt to get back into blogging. This time by featuring two friends--Walter Jack Savage, artist and author... and Regis Aiffray, writer/poet. The themes of these two works fit so well together that I just had to spotlight both!

The Things He Never Did by Walter Jack Savage



I live

I love

among rocks and trees

I can still see all

and for that I am grateful

I am alone
often and yet not

Wild creatures
come and go
I speak to them
it seems to me they understand

The great river down below
tells many tales
I love stories

Sometimes I feel unease
I find it hard to see the good
in this world
in this life

Perhaps good is an illusion

The river does not tell untruths
it cannot
it has lived this life since eons

I feel up and down
like a child’s yo-yo

But I think I have to accept
things as they are

No one argues when I speak
to myself

I am a hermit
on a beautiful hill
(the fool on the hill???)

But a lovely one has come
and has landed on me
nestled in my soul
like a sweet and pretty butterfly

I love her
I love you
I love me

As I believe it should be

© Regis Auffray

Kittens (one in these plants) and flowers!
My company at the Cabin!

MRI Brain Scan revealed small tumor in frontal area... Will be attending to details... Off and On...

Many of you have already seen a past notice on Facebook and have sent wonderful messages! Thank you! I thought an update was due, as well as a little more info... I have a great appointment with neurosurgeon. He indicated the tumor was somewhat routine and would be watched routinely, but not a problem now... On the other hand, he indicated everything going on was all different...The Vertigo is, of course, related to inner ears and equilibrium and medicine seems to be helping with that.
I recently had another MRI from my neck to hip to identify possible problems with the nerve in the lower legs which is really my main problem. Anyway, Everybody, including my niece Tracey, has been wonderful and treating me so nice--but I'm still having trouble getting routine things done...

Sorry to say that during the work on this blog, my right leg became numb... Will be going back to neurosurgeon later this month...hopefully he will have a way to move ahead...

God Bless

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