Monday, January 1, 2018

What's Happening at Book Readers Heaven! Looking into 2018...

So why are the cats
I took a FB friend's
recommendation and
have allowed them
all inside!

First, Stevie, who has been
an inside cat for a few
months was upset when
they all came in, so he
was the first to brave the
snow for some alone time.
It's been awhile since I've written to you, my blog readers...It's New Year's Day, 2018, and I'm snowed in

This faces out to the left of my cabin...

Here's the pics (that came out) of those inside and two of Stevie expressing his dissatisfaction quite openly...

Thanks to Harold Michael Harvey for his card which introduced me to a new jazz artist! Cool!

Me during Christmas? I enjoyed carols from one of my favorite tenors... or sang them many years, I know most of the words!

From Thanksgiving to New Year's - Hope your Holidays were Just What Mattered to You!


Between myself and my contributors, as of today, Book Readers Heaven has published 2,635 articles. Well, over 1M readers have been visiting for many years... I was greatly saddened when my visitors from across the world had decreased greatly during 2017... Has everything changed since so much turmoil has erupted during the past year...

For me, it was not a happy year...We lost Brandon, my great-nephew from our immediate family and still cannot get past his being gone. His grandfather had just died the previous year...He was like a brother to me... In any event, we have been thinking about the future from a different perspective...

I have come to the conclusion that I must completely stop accepting new requests for reviews. With the every-increasing use of ebooks, I am getting more and more requests that includes the ebook file...In the past I have been filing them, but I now have hundreds of ebooks that, if I tried, would take me years to read them all... I have tried to figure out how to handle just the email activity involved in this...I normally have 50-60 emails each day, a large percentage of requests. 

At this time, I have stopped reading new emails and/or just filing them. If you do not get a response from me, please recognize that I am now overwhelmed and cannot respond to mail...Requests are also coming in from social sites...I will no longer be responding to those requests either... I so much appreciate that my reviews have value to writers, but the commitments I have already made will keep me totally involved for the foreseeable future.

For my readers, I hope you will continue to visit Book Readers Heaven... Those books I have I'll keep trying to respond to... I will not be taking the time to read books for which I'd give a lower rank, (normally I know this in about 50 pages or less) unless I have been specifically asked and agreed to read the book... 

May your own new year bring happiness, blessings, and love... May God guide us as problems continue world-wide...

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