Sunday, January 7, 2018

Poetry from Adolfo - Adolph Caso - Celebrating His Birthday with My Kisses Lived as The Rose!

My Kisses Lived as The Rose

My kisses lived as the rose!
In those ecstatic moments I felt
sweet caresses of the wind
and the vigor
of a thousand sparkling drops of dew.

Green diffused in vermilion,
and red dazzled the image within the eye;
Dark were they of olive deep purple
that entranced each kiss

Deeper still were the velvet twinings
wrapping their arms around the branches
and losing themselves in the suave twining
of purple hue. The quivering grass
from beneath secrete the ascending
perfume of vigor, and the descending
light bathes them with toxic excitement,

the sibilant winds go singing through embraces
with notes of the exotic and the erotic.
The rain excites the roots to the movements
and the streaks of lightning glitter,
thrusting its baton into sensuality.

And all then moves in awesome rhythm.

Trickling water ripples itself away.
Within the limpid air, the rays of the sun mix
and the spiritual atmosphere becomes king.
Smiles and sweet kisses get lost in shades.
Time passes; the water ripples itself away,
and those kisses live as my Rose.

Note: 8th Edition Now Out

Dear Adolfo! Happy Birthday!
I don't know how I missed this particular poem...
It must have been fate saving it for your day...
the day upon which you can look back proudly at
accomplishments and, most importantly,
family and friends...
and know that you are loved and respected...
May your memories sustain you today and always
As new ones are created each day!
And I thought you might enjoy sharing my
favorite Italian tenor's birthday with yours!
God Bless!

And, oh, yeah, just one more surprise...

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