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The Easter Miracle by Tawney Anderson - Spend time with Jenny's Adventures this Easter!

Jenny’s adventures reflect common experiences for many who own farms and ranches. These families work very hard, hold sacred the importance of family, friends and creation, and occasionally experience a miracle just like Jenny’s.

Inside the classroom, Jenny wiggled in her seat.  The school bell was about to ring and she couldn’t wait to get home to the farm.  Her third grade teacher, Mrs. Lewis, was writing the homework assignment on the blackboard.  Jenny watched her teacher’s hand writing unfold as Mrs. Lewis moved her body to the right as she wrote.  Outside the window a spring breeze blew the cherry blossoms in circles.  
Jenny turned her gaze to the window and watched the blossoms create patterns in the air.  From where she sat, Jenny could almost smell their fragrance.  I can’t wait to get home and check on Millie, Jenny thought. Her baby will be here soon. 
I can’t wait for Easter! We’ll have our own egg hunt on the farm with lots and lots of chocolate!  I wonder if Millie will have her baby by then?  Maybe an Easter baby! That would be so cool! Easter…yikes, the concert at church is just days away! I need to work on my solo tonight so I think I’ll do that in the barn.  

I think my friends like that song! At least the General seems to! Jenny started to laugh then remembered she was in class so she quickly controlled herself. She turned around to look at her new best friend and neighbor, Jonathan Waya Smith.  Jonathan was a sturdy yet sensitive boy who still held the signature of his Cherokee heritage. Jenny pointed to her watch.  Jonathan nodded just as the bell rang. 
“One moment class,” Mrs. Lewis called as she raised her voice over the classroom noise.  All the students quieted down.  
“We only have a week before our spring break. Besides tomorrow’s homework, you must also get your adventure report in before next Friday. Remember this adventure is something you have personally experienced; not someone else’s. Alright, class dismissed!” 
All the students jumped up at once and headed for the door. “Nicely, now!” called Mrs. Lewis. The mad dash settled down as the children exited the classroom. Jonathan scrambled after Jenny.
“I get the window this time!” he called after her. Jenny was already running down the hall. Jonathan laughed out loud as he ran like the wind in a different direction. 
Jenny’s face was red from running to the bus.  Maybe this time I’ll beat him, she thought.  But as Jenny pushed open the school doors, she could see Jonathan eating an apricot, looking at her through the bus window.  
“Not again!”  She stopped for a moment, trying to catch her breath.  Jonathan held up a bag of fresh apricots.  Laughing, Jenny skipped to the bus with a resolve.  One day I’ll beat him and won’t he be surprised!

The Easter Miracle

By Tawney Anderson
Illustrated by Sharlene Rasmussen

I was planning to hold my review until closer to Easter, but once I read this heartwarming story, I wanted to go ahead and tell you! It would make a delightful addition to your child's Easter basket or to find on an egg hunt! 

All of the characters, both human and animal are perfect... Jenny is the main character and you can tell just through the story that she is a loving daughter and animal lover--and they all love her too! She lives on a farm, and right now, everybody is excited because Millie, who is called the mother of the animals, is going to have a little calf! 

Jenny is already thinking about what to name the little baby, but her new friend, Jonathan, who is very much into his Cherokee heritage, suggested that she wait until the calf was born and name her once she has seen the baby... This turned out to be the best suggestion possible, because sometimes farm animals had trouble with their birthings...

 Readers will spend time with Jenny and Jonathan at school, but most of the story covers the amazing animals on the farm, as a new baby animal is expected. And, of course, Samson, and Debra were always waiting at the end of the road for the school bus to appear,

But as Millie's time came closer and closer, everybody on the farm spent most of their time in the barn... waiting! It was wonderful to see the love and concern exhibited for each other, and that included both the humans and the animals!

All of the farm animals had their job as assigned by The General and when the time was necessary, even the wolves joined Samson to support Millie...

Suddenly the children heard the applause and the curtain lifted. Mrs. Henderson stood below them and as the music started, the children started singing. “This Cornerstone, this solid ground…firm through the fiercest drought and storm.” Outside the church the voices of the children carried into the night air.  “My Comforter, my All in All…here in the love of Christ I stand.” And one lone soprano voice rose above them all.
“Then bursting forth in glorious Day…up from the grave He rose again.” Jenny’s voice was carried by the wind. Up, up and high it went and mixed with the night air, skyrocketing towards the farm.

It was the night of the children's program at the church that it started... and all the animals were alone when Millie began to feel pain... Personally, I couldn't get over how the author chose the cat to help the most! Very cool!

If you're like me, you may feel this story sounds a little like the birth of Jesus, as all the animals gathered around Mary and Joseph, to welcome the birth of their son...

But that is not why we celebrate Easter!

You see, there's an enthralling twist to what happens that night which I think all readers will find both thrilling and, well, a miracle...and surely it was...

This is an awesome Easter story--unexpected, yet delightful and certainly a wonderful way to share various stories of the Bible in a very special way! I especially found it inspiring to have the story of Easter set within the family of animals and people and how God and prayer was a natural part of their lives every day, whenever...

This is a must-read recommendation for me... Find out why and meet the little calf that was named... Ah, I don't think you could every guess! 

Have a Happy Easter!


 Tawney Anderson grew up in an untamed area in Oregon. The woods was her favorite place to explore with her siblings and their collie dog, Laddie. After graduating from the University of Washington and starting a family, Tawney and her husband insisted on raising their daughter away from the city lights, in a horse community near Los Angeles. There the family raised horses, chickens, dogs, cats, birds and any other creature that may have needed their help. Tawney is excited to continue her journey inspiring young readers.

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