Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bed Bug - What?! A Bit of Bug Fun...

Living in the country has one major hazard for me...bugs...of all sorts! Bugs either leave you alone or come after you--I'm one they seem to like!

Sooo, while I was heading back to the computer to finish today's review, and scratching here, and there, and everywhere, I thought of a poem I wrote when I was having fun with a poet I'd met online... In a cabin, there are many more ways for bugs to get into the house, and though I'm not aware I have bed bugs, I was flirting a little when I wrote the following... Hey, I'm not a poet, but I do like to mess around sometimes with words... So read the words, not whether it's good poetry...OK?

In other words, I decided to hold my review to finish tomorrow and share this with you...Then, I'm heading back to read more of The Drop by Michael Connelly... It's nice to be your own boss and do what you want to do...LOL

DRAT! That Bed Bug's Back

Just how does he get in?
He moves so fast, I can't keep track
My oh My! Where he's been!!!

That Bed Bug visits every night!
And I'll awake each mornin'
And there on my neck a tiny bite!
In distress I would be roarin'

That Bed Bug soon had got my arm…
My back and everywhere!
But even so he does no harm…
claims "I" should not be bare!

That Bed Bug says he can't control…
and just little bites won't hurt
But then the morning takes its toll
to question about bites I'm curt!

I wear long sleeves and high necklines
to cover up the marks!
That Bed Bug says he likes them fine
to him it's just a lark!

DRAT! That Bed Bug says his name is Ed
NOW, just what am I to do?!!
And, now Ed, the Bug, lives in my bed
With four cats, a dog–quite a crew!

Ed, the Bed Bug, said turn over dear,
A back rub I will give
If I just rub, no marks appear
That's a better life to live…

So Ed and I live together now
Ed, the Bed Bug, my little dove…
And now I've taught him the know how
To rub and rub his love….


Yikes! Did I really write that?!
Yep, at least ten years ago, but
We never get rid of those bugs, do we??!


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