Monday, August 4, 2014

Traveling to Turkey Via Carole P. Roman's Child"s Introduction to Culture Around the World...

Ankara, Capitol of Turkey
If I were fortunate enough to travel to Turkey, my main interest for touring would be the beautiful architectural wonders there. For instance, Turkey's Capitol Building in Ankara. But if you lived their, your parents could be with their children and might decide to visit Istanbul, whose name itself rings with mystery, doesn't it?! This city was named The European Capital of Culture several years ago and there's sure to be much to see!


The very first thing you must know is about money! There are many things to do there... Turkey uses the lira and boys may be looking for a new soccer ball, while the girls would love to visit the doll shops and maybe get one... But wait! We need to meet some of the children there! Boys would have names like:

And if you are a girl, your name could possibly be:

Ismet....or                                                                             Sema!

After okul, school, either for a snack or dinner, there would be delicious food like borek or Doner Kebab! I don't know about you, but I would love to taste any one of these...or all of them!

Now I want to share the most favorite of the suggested places to visit! Hagia Sophia and its outstanding mosaics. This building has served many purposes since it was built in 390 and truly is an amazing cultural icon...
Check this out! This was an angel's face that was Chirecently uncovered!

Now if we were invited to come visit, most children would ask us to visit during their favorite holiday  which is Children's Day celebrated  on April 23. You would be surprised what happens on that day...but here are a few examples and the kids enjoying the day!



As with all books in this series, each page is filled with beautifully painted scenes of children going to school, to the store, eating, and so much more. I'm enjoying learning about different countries through this easy to read, comprehensive and overall glimpse into the cultural world and this particular visit to Turkey! If you have started a home library for your children, this is a wonderful series to add to it...don't you think?!


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