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Desert Son by Glenn Maynard Fascinating Look into Death, Heaven, Reincarnation...

There was no escape. Looking at mountains or thinking 
about mountains seemed to be equivalent to the release 
of severe allergy symptoms for Carter. He did his best
to avoid these actions. However, he tested this mountain
 theory a couple more times to verify that he wasn’t
 going crazy. The results were like clockwork. It was
 an odd trigger, he thought, but at least he had a trigger.

Wow, the mountains... he had never seen them before, yet here he was being shown scenes from his life--they weren't in time sequence but...

...But as soon as he saw the mountains in Boulder, Colorado, he began to have those  feelings again. Apparently these mountains had once been in his life. But how? Even the town had been voted happiest city...and the beliefs of Buddhism were followed by many...  None of which meant anything to him...

Desert Son
By Glenn Maynard

Visiting Heaven and being thrown back was not something that was easily understood or accepted. He was glad to be there--in fact, he had immediately felt love surrounding him and there was no pain--he felt better than he had in years! He had come through the tunnel into the light that he'd always heard about, wondering if that was the normal way for those who were killed by accidents... Even if he'd been thrown outside the car, and he had seen that his parents were still inside, yet he knew they would be alright and even saw their spirit leave their bodies and move upward as he laid on the ground, not able to move. At least the paramedics were working on him and would handle things from here on in...

 Not only did

 it perplex him in the way she said it, 
but with the message itself. He thought
 that maybe he misread it. Clearly, 
this was not Carter’s mother. His mother
 had not yet arrived, and even though
 he believed she soon would, this woman
 hardly resembled her. This woman was much
 taller than his mother, and had long, dirty
 blonde hair. His mother wore her black 
hair short and curly. This lady looked frail
 for her young age, but Carter’s mother had 
about 25 more pounds on her. Also, the rough 
skin on his mother could not have turned
 so soft. Not a chance, thought Carter. He could
 not detect one similar feature.
Carter Spence had always been close to his parents, even remaining at home to save money when he got a job. He genuinely liked being with them and often accompanied them when they went visiting or out to eat...

"Welcome Son..."
He really didn't know what at happened at first, but he could see a man lying on the ground, away from their car. He was curious enough to move closer and to realize that it was him.  The entire sequence of events through which Carter travels is amazingly realistic. When he got to where he was going, a favorite aunt was there and expressed her continued love and then he met his former animal companion who had been killed early in his life... He was happy to have him there to know that he was doing fine. There were others who waved or nodded but then a woman with dirty blond hair came toward him and greeted, "Welcome, Son." For some reason this really bothered him...maybe because he knew his mother had also died in the accident, but this woman wasn't his mother...

But she kept on talking and then quickly announced that he was going back--he had more to do. She kept talking to him, giving further information, but there was a lot of noise pulling him back, back. back...

Carter was changed... He didn't know whether it was because he came back from death, that his parents had died, or merely that he didn't feel right in the life he had been living. He couldn't even bring himself to sleep in their house...

Telling his boss, who had been in business with his father, that he had to get away, he was assured he would have a job there whenever he felt he could return...Carter got in the car and drove... West... The only thing that kept him going was the bits of information that the woman had told him while he was in Heaven... And the pictures he had been shown during his "This is your life" film they'd played upon his arrival...

Carter felt like he was living in a fog and then something would happen and he'd respond to the "sign." This time he had suddenly pulled off the road, not knowing why, but then glanced at his gas gauge and saw the gas station...  Inside he immediately headed for the self-serve coffee--only thing was, she was there first and turned around and walked directly into him. Hot coffee everywhere! He fell for her immediately and was trying to figure out how to get more acquainted when she asked if he was heading to Colorado and handing him money for gas, asked if she could have a ride... Before very long, Carter was glad he'd had her with him...

Especially when he'd later run out of gas and was having vibes that he should go talk to an old man sitting on his porch... and was totally confused when, once Brenda had been received into the house, the old man had attacked her and knocked her to the floor!

Once Carter is on the road, having left his home behind, the speed of action greatly increases and readers are immediately into a turn-page frenzy as things move fast and more information is discovered. Who was Carter Spence? Had he been adopted early in life and never been told? Was there any credibility to the hypnosis, reincarnation and other Buddhist beliefs that he was learning about and what part had they played in his life, if any?

Glenn Maynard takes readers deep into whether fate has any real hold on individuals. Can unfinished business be handled even after death. Can love be continued through reincarnated individuals who are "dragged" through life until that which must happens, does? Are you willing to accept your own fate, even if it means getting kicked back to life after you've died?

There are many ponderous ideas that come to mind through Desert Son. But, hey, the action and suspense is almost overwhelming so that readers tend to accept what is being said and move on, wanting to figure out what the heck is going on! There's definitely a mixture of genres in the book, but I think for me the thriller component was the most significant thing for me. Afterwards, I'm not persuaded about the philosophies of life as explored...but they do make for a "what if" novel that grabs you until you grasp what has actually been accomplished for the involved characters. Yikes!

Check it out!


Bio: Glenn Maynard has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Connecticut, and a degree in Communications. After spending 4 years living in Denver, Colorado, he returned home to Connecticut and now resides in Wethersfield. He has a 9 year-old son named Andrew. He was a travel correspondent for three newspapers while traveling through the United States, Canada and Mexico during his one-year journey. He had a total of twenty newspaper articles published. His story was captured on the evening newscast upon his return.

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