Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall Photos Together With "A Poet's End" - Time With Adolfo...

I always love receiving mail from my friend, Adolfo... It's almost like a gift, a package to open... What has he been doing lately... These two beautiful fall pictures of trees at his home reminded me that he and I are both in the Fall of our lives... It seemed natural to consider and...reconsider life's ending and what that means to each of us... One of Adolfo's poems from Water and Life: Photos and Poems, seemed to merge with those thoughts, don't you think?

A Poet's End

He seeks the sky of night
the dark of day
the winding road
of death's
                           sinuous paths
in and between
hills of phantasms.

What makes him drive?
What makes him return?
What mental haunts
take from one end
and give the other
unconsummated passions?
What seeks to destroy his soul?
What wants to take his body away?

Deep sky
                           and core of earth:
             do you abound
within this miserable bit of man
who tries to bring together
into a moment
pre-destined poles
                         and God?

In his last moment,
what makes him look?

                          The peace
forever fleeting like spoken words
the realization of death
once the harbinger of peace
that does not exist?
[We each stand alone...]

stretch your hand                              
a little further.
--Photography and poetry by Adolph (Adolfo) Caso

The Creation of Adam
I wonder Adolfo, were we born as man and die as man...only then able to be finally born of God...
Your words always stimulate wondrous thoughts...
--your inquisitive friend, Glenda

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