Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Early Picture Book Lovers Finds Simple Learning Easier With Lee Straight...But...

 Here's a tongue-twister for you:

Say three times please!

Bob Bear's Beards!

Of course, we don't remember the books we had when we were small, but I'll bet they were illustrated, weren't they... Nothing gets a child's attention better than a picture you can point to and say the word:

Soon, your child who is just beginning to notice things will have parents thinking about getting books, simple books that are fun and yet can be a teaching tool! We all had them and liked them and would climb on somebody's lap and say, Read!

Right!?! Knowing parents will introduce books as early as they can and this one is perfect for when you know it is time to start getting them interested in pictures, words...and the world.

Just three things change in this book: Bob's Beard's Colors!
the foods that created it!

On the day he ate the food!
  Except on Sunday... LOL

For instance, on Monday, Bob ate strawberries and got a red beard! Really, that's quite a lot for a little one to start learning... In fact, I think it is just enough!

Caution: If you are buying an ebook, colors will not appear unless your equipment permits color...


When you're a balloon, you are very dependent upon others to help you!
There Little Pink was, floating along with friends and enjoying meeting a nice little girl who was enjoying a day at the fair with her parents... But, just one of her little fingers moved...and up went Little Pink! 

Yes, Little Pink was very frightened, but couldn't stop and kept going higher and higher...until Little Pink touched the clouds!
Little Pink was so tired and fell asleep and spent the night! Wow!
When Little Pink woke up, she met a little lady bug who offered to help.  She took hold of her string, but was just not strong enough... 

She did stay with me and sat on my string, though, until a butterfly came and also offered to help!

But they couldn't pull Little Pink! What was going to happen?

This is a cute little tale of helping others... one so very important for helping a child understand this, especially before they enter school with lots of other children. Little Pink, again, is so simple that a child easily begins to see how to work together to get something done... I enjoyed it and think children will have fun as well as learn...

Caution: If you are buying an ebook, colors will not appear unless your equipment permits color..

While I thought both of these stories are quite good for younger children, I would not recommend them unless your child can see the colors, especially the first one. In my opinion, the effectiveness of picture books is greatly diminished when bright colors are not there to attract and retain the attention of small ones. I do hope that Lee's publisher considers these for print... If not, be sure you consider this factor in deciding on whether you purchase the books... The story is wonderful, but...


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