Thursday, October 9, 2008

Die Decorator Die: A Novel of Murder Greed and Interior Design

What a Fun Book! Die, Decorator, Die by Franklin H. Levy, is a whodunit that will keep you guessing until the very end!

“Criminal law operates in a simple world—the prosecutors and police try to put people in jail, my minions and I try to keep them out...This is how the struggle between good and evil is played out in post-Biblical times.” (p. 76)

Meet Buzz Levin, a defense lawyer who has dreams about what Clarence Darrow thinks of him as a lawyer! And thanks to his wife, Ally, he has just taken on a case that “had everything—bimbos, bodies, buggery and bail.” (p. 62)

Ally is an interior decorator, plus “ his Groucho Marx.” (p. 202). So when she calls him from her work site:

“Get over here right away—somebody tried to kill Megan...Someone bashed her head in with a hammer or something. The police say we’re all suspects and you’re my alibi. Besides, the place is full of policE and there’s an ambulance, so shouldn’t there be a lawyer? (p. 33)

He responds, “I’m on the way. Don’t let anyone who looks like they can afford me confess until I get there.” (p. 33)

You got it! Almost-like-George Burns and Gracie Allen’s comic routines run throughout this novel. Yes, there’s murder and mayhem and great investigating, but the underlying comedic interplay oftentimes trumps the mystery and suspense!

Needless to say, Ally also ensures that Buzz becomes the defense lawyer for Barry, of Barry and Bruno, gay partners, the latter of which was also murdered the day Megan’s head was bashed!

I’m sorry, folks. I promise that there is an excellent whodunit full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing as to who did do it, to the very end. But you must admit that what I’ve shared ensures that this book is not just another great mystery!

Plus you get great interior decorator tips throughout the book such as:


The best designers make custom lamp shades which often have
a pink silk liner to soften the light.

Levy gave me more than a cozy mystery, wonderful, funny characters, a puzzling whodunit, with interior design tips. He wrapped it up in the latest fabric for a must-read!
I just know you, too, will enjoy this one!

G. A. Bixler
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