Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ice on Fire - A Best Seller Waiting to be Published!

Ok, I admit it--I loved to read and review manuscripts and be the first reviewer!

Especially When the Book is Headed for The Best-Seller List


Take a Look! 


Ice by Fire

By Deborah J. Ledford


363 Pages



Deborah J. Ledford, in Ice on Fire, merges music, mystique and murder in an unforgettable suspense thriller that will keep you turning pages!


Trapped by memories of her past, when her father murdered her Taos Pueblo Indian mother, Katina Salvo has led a sheltered life, living almost as a hermit with, first her Aunt Sylvia, and then her business manager, Petra Sullivan, who has also become a close friend and almost a surrogate mother.


At the same time, however, her gift of music has led to writing song after song and recording many of them so that she has arrived at the top of the charts without ever appearing or being seen by the thousands of fans who love her. Quite unusual in today’s world!


And then one fateful day, Katina was there in Petra’s office when her mail was delivered—and she discovered that not all of her fans loved her! In fact, her life was being threatened! Then she discovered that the authorities were already involved—too much of her own life was being kept from her!


It was only on the last album that Katina’s picture had first appeared to the public. She knew it was preparatory for her first live concert, even though she still was not quite certain that she wanted to perform in public. After all, when she generated more publicity, then it was very likely that paparazzi and other reporters would soon discover that her father murdered her mother—and was in prison. Could she deal with the interview questions that were bound to follow?


By the time of her scheduled concert, bodyguards surrounded Katina. She was scared and she had a right to be—for there in the front row, she saw her aunt’s ex-husband, who had once loved her mother and hated her white father--and her--for taking her away from him.


But her aunt claimed she saw her ex-husband on the night of the concert. Was her uncle, Taima, really a ghost like everybody claimed?


Whether it was Taima’s appearance or the exhilaration of the crowd who were finally seeing and hearing their idol, the concert erupted into a riot and Katina was left with only one man to protect her, and then he was severely wounded—by Taima, she had thought.


And then the worst news came, Katina’s father had been paroled and was out of prison. Once again, her supposed friend, Petra, had kept important news from her! Confused, fearful of both her father, uncle and whoever it was that was writing death threats, Katina went home to her Aunt Sylvia, there to prepare and face, on her own, the one(s) who wanted her dead.


Ledford is an outstanding writer who has already won a number of awards. Her characters are beautifully created based upon different heritages and reflect the strength and courage needed in this exciting tale. This is one of her first novels and has the potential to become a best seller!


Floyd “Mountain Walking Cane” Gomez, an advisor of creative affairs for the Taos People, has approved her manuscript for authenticity.


There are just hints of a romantic life for Katina and I found this a refreshing change when no significant romantic/sexual scenes interrupted the action. There are symbols, such as the dress and necklace she wears in the concert and, then again, when she confronts her enemy, which establishes the main character’s commitment to her heritage.  Ice on Fire provides a close, more up-to-date look at the lore and mystery that is part of the Indian life, rather than the usual historical novel.  This book is pure suspense and thrills!


I was also afforded the privilege of reading the first two chapters of another of her new novels, Staccato.  In my mind, she’s already established herself as an author that meets requirements for a suspense thriller must-read author. Look for her on Gather.Com now and in bookstores soon!



G. A. Bixler IP Book Reviewer

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