Friday, January 18, 2008

Forgotten Promises by Denise Skelton

312 Pages – Available March 1, 2008


Denise Skelton, in Forgotten Promises, has added a little heartache and loss, a lot of romance, and an interesting suspenseful scenario and created a delightful and memorable story! Her words have an entertaining flair and her characters provide a wonderful diversity of reality, which come together to immediately capture the reader’s interest.


Caught in the loss of their beloved spouses through tragic deaths, Tyler Green and Holly James are working hard to make new lives on their own--until they become neighbors. Each was attracted to each other; both were too afraid to consider another relationship.


Abby, Holly’s daughter, though, is not afraid to love again and she very much wants a father! Her Godfather, Ben Harrison, loves Abby as if she was his own child and has stepped into the role of father whenever he can; but no matter how hard he may try, he cannot fulfill Abby’s needs for a full-time father. So, quite naturally, Abby started to consider on her own who might fill her needs.  It just happens that her new neighbor seems perfect!

Besides Abby, both friends and family are concerned about Tyler and Holly. Through well-meaning efforts, a variety of strange happenings begin to occur—some are funny; some are likely to make Holly or Tyler think they are losing their minds! Of course, readers are well and thoroughly entertained by their antics!

In the meantime, Ben Harrison, at one time had attracted a young woman who was criminally insane. Having served time in a prison and then been transferred to a hospital, Janet has never given up her fixation and has even imagined that Ben has visited her at times and is in love with her and waiting for her. Finally, she plans to break out and find him, but she winds up leaving dead bodies along the way as she searches for Ben.

When she has finally found him, it is a day on which he is taking Abby to school. Janet unknowingly assumes Abby is his daughter and believes she is the reason why Ben has not continued to visit her. So her plans must be altered—and they must include Ben’s daughter!


Through all of the not-so-subtle antics of Holly’s friends, Tyler and Holly do begin to date and their relationship slowly develops. However, it is through the actions of Janet, in a climatic ending that feelings are cemented.


I enjoyed meeting Skelton’s can either love them or hate them!  And if you love or hate them, it’s because of Skelton’s ability to provide accurate and interesting dialogue and description. Her characters are drawn from different backgrounds and their stories reflect the lifestyles necessary for their personalities to elicit these strong feelings from readers.


Advertised as a romance, in my opinion, this book is so much more. The action is lively and the suspenseful developments from Ben’s stalker keep readers on edge. The love, laughter and family with a parade of true-to-life characters, creates a novel that I highly recommend!  Plan to Enjoy and have fun reading this one!



G. A. Bixler for IP Book Reviews


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