Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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ketchem allea
The cold wind has moved on. This coffee comforts me.
I think later on a long drive listening to music is in order. Not sure if to the hills or where. When I hop into my pony I just drift away.I'll park somewhere where no people are. And do a lot of thinking. Sometimes I think too much. But it is in my nature to.
I wish you all well and be safe. I know I can be an irritant, but I don't mean to be.
Have a blessed day with much healing.

lioj emomak tawa 

When I was growing up, the males held in their feelings and emotions, and the only things they revealed, behind masks, was bravado and machismo, tough guys, who acted hard core. But I saw in them, behind their masks, pain and sorrow, misery and confusion, fear. "Sharing your emotions is a sign of weakness." I got to see their lives play out, in drunkenness' and anger, and unforgiveness. Then they died. Never having healed. And suffered greatly along their journey's, with relationships, and the world and their well being and health. The cop-out, was always in these terms, "Don't ever tell people your problems, because 80 per cent of them don't give a flying'f, and the other 20 per cent, are glad you got them."

Then, I met some righteous men, elders. They got me to finally let go of all the anger and bottled up emotions, held in for many years. I cried rivers.

A lot of people aren't honest about themselves. They wear masks to cover up their insecurities and character defects. Everything is so groovy according to them.

I think if we helped each other with our burdens, a lot of healing can take form. But that takes courage, and commitment, and willing to take the criticism and ridicule of looking weak to the cop-outs. And the world. Even your own. 

I share in honesty my life, in this place, really hoping and believing that through my highs and lows, somebody will relate, and maybe, find their own healing. If I am going to be ridiculed, or seen as weak, for sharing in my sufferings, then, laugh away. No one here see's what I do out here, helping where I can, because those times and people I keep to myself. But I can say this, there is much sadness out there. Not everybody in this world is doing ok. And it's okay to cry with them. I do so a lot. It's good to cry for yourself too. Why are we created with tears? 

Thank you Itom Achai, for all the good, and the bad. I am weak and small, of no status or fame, nor do I want that. I am just a common man, tired of seeing good decent people suffer so much. We need to pray for each other. Always. Together, we grow strong. 

Just my opinion and perspective.

Including six chapbooks I have done over time, with these, makes ten books so far. I have been working on a new one slowly but surely. Short stories with poems.
I never imagined I would have done so many/ so far. I'm not boasting, but I am showing this to the people who have helped me along the way. It wasn't and isn't a waste of your time and efforts. These all are at the museum.
I kept my commitment to do this, like I did with not drinking, and other things too. I learned that is what it takes. Self-discipline. Growth through the healing process. Not overnight. Not just with words. But through hard work, struggle, pain, suffering and faith. Perseverance.
So can you.
So when the critics flap their gums about me in a bad light, just look at them, and ask them to show you the fruits of their labors.
The rain has been pounding on my trailer. I hear the leaks falling in the pots. But it smells so gooood outside.

I am constantly in awe of my adopted brother, Manny, He is a warrior in his own way, fighting to share all that being alive as a Native American is... His words have captured my heart many times, and his art work is uniquely his beautiful world... I'm so happy to have the opportunity to know him and have him share here at Book Readers Heaven. You'll find him most at Facebook, but he uses PayPal to sell his books and art... Manny is just one of the elderly in America who needs your help and prayers as well...

God Bless

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