Sunday, August 28, 2022

It was in the Early 1960s that Records and Book Security Became Part of My Life... Looking at Today's Disregard of National Security by Former US President


For whatever reason, I was hired into positions, from the very first, of dealing with secure and confidential issues for a major land-grant university. My first job was to handle the employee records, which included, the introduction of all benefits and financial matters that needed to be addressed upon employment. 

All of those important employment documents were immediately delivered by me to the Payroll Office, to ensure that each employee would begin to be paid...

Of course, I appreciated the element of trust that was placed upon my first position, and, later, as I gained more and more access to what are considered confidential, highly secured records. For instance, I was involved in creating options for annual pay raises to be explored by central administrators. As you probably can guess, that was a bit of information that would be important to all employees if they could gain awareness of the amount, or that there would be no increases...which did happen from time to time. By that time, my mother was also employed on campus and she and I specifically talked about my involvement and inability to discuss such matters...

Later, I received budgetary responsibility for repairs and renovations for general-purpose classrooms across the campus, and ensuring funds were requested and used... and later, managing the creation and maintenance of the complete facilities inventory, including land, buildings and individuals rooms information to provide for basic information for budgetary planning for federal reporting, senior administration fiscal planning, as well as day-to-day use of each and every space available and allocated to deans and directors of university activities...

Taking on the, first, audit of the university's capital budget, which showed a deficit of over $1M was due to the university by the Board of Regents, and then creating a project budget management process to ensure budgeting and management of a multi-million dollar capital budget and that no further financial errors could occur, was what moved me into the position of Associate Director for facilities planning and management, as well as overall continuation of all previous duties...

It is the last major project that I want to spotlight. I directed the creation, data gathering from physical plant employees, and the data base upon which a multi-million deferred maintenance budgetary assessment need was created. It including a comprehensive submission report which was used by the director of physical plant to make a major budget request for an ongoing deferred maintenance budget allocation. Unfortunately, it was not accepted by that administration. Seeing the political climate that had evolved there, I decided to retire, since I had sufficient years of employment to do so. It is sad to note, that the reason that major repairs would again be postponed was in order to build a new building, which would be much more "showy..." for the officials at that time. Yes, power seekers can be found at every level in every institution.

At that time, there was nobody in higher management involved in anything I did... Yet I did it.  The report, I presented to the appropriate director-level individual. I gave all of the computer-access information on the individual data elements, estimates, et. al., to the assistant director who would be most interested, since it included a complete new, generated, land asset inventory, together with cost estimates, to the assistant director. Finally, I pulled together all of the basic data gathering, including individual cost estimates, per building, or specific land location... and provided it to the supervisor of the unit which would be able to use it for daily activities, even though the overall budget project had been denied.

And, of course, it goes without saying that I have dedicated my time for over a decade helping writers improve their efforts in one way or another--doing what I can to make their work the best it can be and/or telling as many people as possible why I would, or would not, recommend that they read their books.

As far as I am concerned...and, I hope, all Americans who are concerned about the security of our Nation, there is NO justification for ANY records to have ever left government facilities!

Please allow the Department of Justice to complete their investigation. We need accountability and action on those laws that have been violated, of course, as a direct result of his continuation of The Big Lie that the election was not "real."

All I hope is, that this guy who was elected into a position he never should have had, "for real" in any aspect of his interaction with Americans be indicted for all of the damage he has caused.

The matter of integrity, honesty, truth, and perseverance to basic moral character traits is failing greatly in these days when those who claim to be christian nationalists think nothing about stealing, lying, cheating and more in order to gain sought-after power, no matter who is hurt... All of us must act diligently to ensure that, in all ways, the needs of America are placed above the needs of those who seek office purely for power... We must do better!

God Bless,


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