Monday, September 14, 2020

Linda Prather's Latest Novel, Would You Die For Her? Extraordinary Surprise Climax!

Desperate to block out the screams in the distance, I covered my ears and closed my eyes. “Please, God, please make him stop.” 
I’d never believed in prayer, but the screams stopped, or at least I couldn’t hear them anymore. 
“See what happens when you make me angry, Dakota?” I hadn’t heard him come in. I kept my eyes closed as I huddled in the far corner of the cage. 
A key clicked in the lock. His footsteps approached. “Look at me!” He grabbed my chin, forcing me to look at his blood-soaked clothes. 
“She suffered your pain.” He squeezed harder. 
“Say, ‘Thank you, Christian.’” 
Another part of my soul died as her blood dripped from my chin. “Thank you, Christian.”

“I’d like a minute alone with them.”
Though I’d expected the answer to be no, Wagner nodded. “I’ll wait out here. Let me know if you need anything.” 
I entered the familiar room. Look at it as a detective. That was easier said than done. My gaze fell on the music box I’d played with as a little girl while Mrs. Dickson cleaned.
I walked to the dresser and lifted the lid. The small ballerina sprang to life, pivoting and twisting to the sounds of “Waltz of the Butterfly.” Closing the lid, I focused on the walls. 
Bethany had spent some time in the room after killing them. She’d written Broken on every wall three times. I moved closer to study the writing. I needed to ask if the photographer had taken pictures of it. 
Tears filled my eyes when I forced myself to look at the sheet-covered bodies on the four-poster bed. Blood had dripped from the mattress, forming a pool on the floor. She had to stab them more than once. I closed my eyes, looking for the strength to pull back the sheet.
“Dakota Renae Dale, don’t you dare!”

How do you write a review for a book that, literally, left you in shock? You immediately ask, was that the only way for the author to end the book? Yet, no matter what I explored in my mind, no other ending would suffice. This book does not have a happy does! That's what makes it so sensational. Readers might have been looking for such an ending, but not really expecting it to actually happen... 

The ending itself was extraordinary...and satisfying... No, I'm not saying two different things. I am merely allowing my own feelings to flow into this review of the latest novel by one of my favorite authors, Linda Prather. As I think back to her very first book which I read and reviewed, I cannot but be proud of how much she has advanced in the ranks of important authors. Her plotting is fascinating and delightfully twisting, yet her continuity allows the reader to sink into being mesmerized by her amazing villain. Words cannot be found to express just how much I came to hate this man! Psychologically dismaying as readers learn more and more, pages turning,  sympathy and anger merging as each action makes you cringe. Yet, wonder how in the world...and this freak going to die?!

Even the love story was unique with both individuals having been affected by the villain and yet, slowly finding themselves drawn toward the other, even as both fought their feelings... The sacrifice of both involved makes a powerful impact on readers that surpasses that of Love Story as it told of death within a relationship!

I find I don't want to go into the story per se. The book, for me, is character driven and brought together in such a unique way, as they become victims of a horrible psychopath. Anything covered by a review could hint at what will be happening in an ongoing story that is fascinating, disgusting, horrible, and intriguing. I would not have wanted to miss this book, nor will I not remember it because of the plot. It is, for me, one of the best psychological suspense thrillers that I've read in years... Prather has surpassed anything else I've read from her and promises to just keep getting better and better as she has reached consistent great writing with a creative genius that surpasses many...

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Linda S. Prather, was born in Kentucky in 1955. She currently live in Lexington, Kentucky with my fiancé, Coby W. Fuson. She has two wonderful sons, Charles and Steven.

I have always loved reading and writing. And although perhaps not a great literary work, I loved and was inspired by Old Yeller. The characters in that book were real to me. When I started writing, it was my greatest desire to write characters that readers could love and hate, laugh and cry with.
Knowledge was another love. I wanted to learn about everything. I studied metaphysics; delving into touch healing, dream analysis, meditation, and hypnosis. I received my associate's degree in metaphysics in 1992 and continued from there to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I spent several years studying the effects of hypnosis on cancer and pain. I taught meditation, dream analysis and self-hypnosis through Eastern Kentucky University's Special Programs for four years. The power of the mind has always fascinated me. I've recently become a paranormal investigator, and love old houses that go bump in the night.

The Gifts and coming soon Sacred Secrets are a combination of my love of mystery, metaphysics and the paranormal.

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